Tatu City steady rise as its manufacturing and residential units are sold

UzA hiyo tuunganishe tujenge factorè ama thifitari

Na NorthLands bado, kiambu gonna steal the thunder from Nairobi.
Kajiado need a forwarding thing Maasai, and it will be set for along time. With land being cheap.
How well has Gov. Mutua set Mayakos ? Imepanua miguu ready for investors, ama bado ?

I use kamiti road on a daily basis i have seen most these structures come up in a span of 2 yrs .

2 & 3 bdr apartments are retailing for 12 &13m respectively the first phase will be completed by August. The developer has acquired more than 20 acres dedicated for apartmets.



Yep, unlike other gated communities the estate is well designed , The apartment blocks well spaced with lots of green spaces but io bei inatosha ununue quarter kijani ridge na uanze kujenga.

Good to see work picking up

hii ni ya kitambo. quarter acre is now 9 to 10.5m, half is 14.5 to 16m.

I hope there will be no slums.Ata mimi niko na plot huko.I will start constructing soon.See my plot below.


Northlands is giving Tatu a run for its money

cunt wish to live in a shitty that will probably end up like Nairobi without clear buffer zones

Northland’s is a 50 years projects divided into phases that on completion will cost 500 billion. That’s roughly 10 billion a year. It will be financed through sales of units, equity investment and a mixture of different loans. Phase 1 has just started. Its their children who will see it completed. Its a long way off right now. 50 years is a lot. What was interesting was to see fake new/websites put the 500 billion figure as if its in an account somewhere already for this project. Even that 10 billion a year budget will be a challenge to meet if sales, loans and equity investments don’t reach their target.

Wacha nitafute 1/8 around hizo areas… Nakuja na feed back.

Quite expensive

Very expensive


The high-rise apartments are up to the 7’th floor. They better have an elevator because walking up 7 flights of stairs everyday would make you tired even thinking about it. You drive up to home in crzy traffic and then seat in your car for an hour before summoning the strength to go up. The silver lining is that it would discourage mother in law from frequent visits if you end up living at the top https://www.lotterypost.com/emoticons/reddevil.gif

The blocks have lifts and staircases. I think these are good investments. Or you can book the Tatu Waters Estate, which will soon be constructed

For those casual employees who will be working in the industries, where will they live? Have they put aside space to construct good quality cheap houses to house the massive number of casuals and low cadre employees? If not, expect slums to sprung up in the surrounding villages which Tatu has no control. maybe they could borrow a leaf from Mumias sugar which constructed houses and schools to cater for the lowest paid person, ie the cane cutter to the highest paid managers. That is before Kideor came and brought it down

An opportunity for you to buy buroti hapo BTL and develop for them

And they should not allow any informal settlements to crop up anywhere near that place. Like they did with that Githogoro place at the junction of the Northern Bypass with Kiambu Rd.

Cant be 100kVA, hiyo ni ndogo sana, maybe 90 or 100 MVA

The owner of those Lifestyle apartments is the owner of Woodcreek school. Billionaire Peter Karoki.

Tafuta a 1 acre those sides, fairly priced, we pool our resources and buy it. I’ll been searching for land near Tatu.