Tatu City steady rise as its manufacturing and residential units are sold

Projects/businesses being set up so far

Kijani ridge-Lifestyle Properties (1,200 units on 30 acres)

Dormans Group global HQ (10 acre processing,packaging and warehousing)

Kim-Fay East Africa Ltd (10 acre manufacturing and warehouse complex)

Maxam-Unilever East Africa (70 acre,manufacturing plant)

Chandaria industries (29 acre,5 billion manufacturing plant)

Tianlong Cylinder(CHINA) Co. (7 acre,production facility)

Africa Logistics Properties (ALP) (22 acre warehouse facility)

Friendship Container Manufacturers Limited(metal and plastic packaging plant)

Gallagher Power Fence Systems Limited (24 warehouses on four-acres)

Freight Forwarders Solutions Ltd (FFS) (leasing ALP`s 14,000 square metres warehouse)

Stecol Corporation (7 acre steel assembly plant)

Copia Global,e-commerce (leasing ALP`s 4,500 sqm)

Learning institutions.
Nova pioneer

Crawford International School



This is nice. Watu watoke Nairobi please tumejaa tunamwagika.

That’s whats up!

There are those who keep count of the very few industries that have closed but several others are setting up here. Case of point all these industrial plants will hire thousands of Kenyans. They will pay licences to state departments, county government and taxes to national government for the produce they make/sale.

Plots zina appreciate

I took a walk there just a few months ago and it was a dust pit well except for Bidco which was setting up (I think spear forgot to mention it). Nitapitia huko this weekend once again. Inakaa so much has happened

True Bidco 50 acres plant is going to be huge.

Nikio mburoti itaragoreka. Kiambu is going to be a very wealthy county. Let’s hope Waititu has a plan
I love all this development. Good jobs will be created

City planners wabaki kuwa serious. Wasikubali kuharibu plan na upuzi wamefanya other cities/towns.
Napenda hii direction. We need 2 or 3 more. Halafu Konza ilifikia wapi?

Cheapest apartment on sale huko wanadai ngapi?

Cool stuff, estimated number of people to be employed once the place is done ?

Niko na kaquarter mahali karibu ongea vizuri tujenge flats za kukodisha akina deorro na nyamchieth

How much for Ca$h-in-hand mbirrionares like us?

If you have to ask ‘how much?’ you most probably can’t afford it.
KTalk birrionares wanauliza how long it will take and how many with West facing balconies are available!

You are a real birrionare. Mimi nangoja wamalize kujenga niende tour huko.

Tilisi near Limuru is also trying to come up with something similar, but the land area they are working with is only around 8% of this

You’re right. Tu Ni kujishasha

I think itamalizwa in phases. I need to update my CV maybe…

Konza city is also slowly revived. 100KVA power substation at the site, fibre is at site, water boreholes to support construction is ready, internal roads are been done and finally water pipelines and sewerage line being done. These are the site works. The major works such as water dams in Makueni to supply the city construction has started. The dual road from Athi River to Konza has started.
South Korean tech university KUSTI has taken up 10 acres for a 10 billion Tech university. Konza authority 1 billion HQ will be ready this year.
All Konza needs is 3 more corporate builds and it will take off like Tatu City

From Lloyd Masika website

[li]The price for a quarter acre serviced plot starts at kshs 7.5m[/li][li]The price for a half acre serviced plot starts at kshs 12m[/li][/ul]
This is inclusive of kshs 1m service charge for five years, thus making the land cost kshs 11millon and kshs 6.5m respectively.
Ngai fafa! I don’t even think I understood what I just copy and pasted