Tattooes are not a problem at all,,

Character springs from the heart and tattooes do not determine a person’s character in terms of gang affiliation, and sexual orientation or extreme promiscuity in women… We all have these characters in non tattooed folks, it’s about art and since most people are steep in baseless traditions and religion, they mostly based their judgement on outside appearance…tattooes…are not the real mirror of the heart, this thing is going mainstream and Soon it will be a non issue in job interviews, I find tattooed girls more cuter than non tattooed traditional gals…
Since marriage is a scam and open relationship by default is the way to go…I don’t see why marrying tattooed folks should be a problem.
We should evolve from bonobism to homo sapiens sapien…the ultimate phase of evolution for those who subscribe to evolution…

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Leta hekaya vile Mukuru amereject fiancee Kwa ruracio juu ya tattoo