Is a tattoo removable without leaving a scar?
If so how or where or by whom?
Saidieni wadau.
Someone is very desperate to have their tattoo removed. Its a job or jobless situation(read life or death situation especially in vumbistan)

Kwani ni kazi gani wana tishia watu maisha hivyo…my 60yo paps has those medieval lion tattoo on his forearm and he once acted as a mzee wa kanisa

Disciplined forces.
Tattoo is a taboo there.

kwani ni kama ya mike tyson?

Ata kama umeweka kwa crack wataona tu. Hakuna mahali hawaangalii

How did akina Rambo-Sylvester Stallone get into special forces then?:eek:
Kidding though…where is your pal? Nairobi or Mombasa? I know people.

anajua mshahara iko in negative figures? watu hawalipwi

Mbona? Ama sku hizi ni kujitolea?


For real, mwambie aongee na make up artist amsort.

Anyone you know?


Halafu he joins an organization where collective changing, bathing and dressing are the norm?

Mwambie aende kwa carpenter apigwe randa hio ngozi iko na tattoo itoke

Achukue thinner,sand paper fine na filler incase of anything. Then akae place kuna jua vizuuri kwa stool aanze kujisugua

If your friend can wear a t shirt and shorts and the tattoos don’t show, he’ll be ok. Large, racist, facial, sexist and derogatory tats zitafanya amwage unga. At MEPS the will check every inch for things. Good luck

In nairobi waiting to hear of those contacts