Tate Being Blunt AF About Not Joining The Military

Jamaa anakuaga blunt kama @Ndindu, that is how I comment on those Western sites such as YouTube about the Evil West, I don’t beat about the bush.


The fvckholes have my IP wakitaka kunikujia na waje, makuma wao


Typical Boomer, jumping onto a trend too late. All the fatherless boys are listening to Hamza now.

Truth hurts,. That’s why he is getting cancelled. You can’t be anti feminist and anti LGBTshit, antiwar all at the same time.

Global terrorist will come for you


Mark my words, they’ll kill this nigga like the they did X and King…

The lad speaks too much TRUTH and the fvcking globalists don’t like their sheep getting educated.

but the man is a self serving wanker, hardly the material of X & King, and before his followers up in arms rallying about their supreme leader please remember that a # or a trend is only useful for squabbling ploretariats not to the ruling class.

Remember none of those creatures in congress has their kids in the army , you go come back with some serious PTSD and the veteran hospitals are not getting funding ! all you are is a small cog in the military industrial complex !

His dad was in the military so there’s that.

The truth is, peasants don’t really have a choice. Its either join the military or starve/be homeless. Peasants do what they do because they are dominated by the elite and controlled using money. I’m sure nobody likes being shot at but if that’s what it takes to feed their families, they have no choice. People don’t join the military voluntarily, they are forced by personal economic circumstances…basically wameshikwa makeii na life.

The US Army is full of poor southern kids with few options in life

man white man with few options in life in the us ? that’s a fool

Huyu atafanyiwa ile kitu bila lube na Uncle Sam.

Thats the messaging the current generation understands and its very effective to the point of " them" deplatforming him and soon “they” WILL wack him.

in Kenya yes in Merica no ! huko recruiters have a hard time trying to get recruits they employ all kind of tactics most of which work for rural folk who think their fighting for Merica !!

How will the bugger influence violence on their interests

Some of them do, but their kids get posted to the pentagon and bases on US soil not to Iraq

Yes pencil pushers , then after awhile ana pata kazi lockheed martin