"Tasteful" nudes by Arthur Keef.

I hate how so few models in Kenya are willing to do erotic modelling. There’s so many hot bodies out here, it should be normalized.

Wacha uovu enda kanisani

senoir villagers hawajui kuweka picha?

Looks like a transvestite in a wig.

How hard is it to put full sized photos?

Batch upload, who has time to post 10 photos individually? Bora umeona.

You are just ignorant and on a slow network.If you have time to be here you can post pictures the right way.

Ati on a slow network. You think the image size and resolution is reduced when you batch upload? Na unaita mtu “ignorant”.

Click on an image and scroll through, stop crying about shit that makes literally zero difference

Ghassia skia vile unaambiwa

How come you with your grandma fingers have never been caught when you go to steal? Ama you lift up your hands in surrender and when the police officers see your fingers they burst out laughing unable to even pull the trigger :D:D

That is Corazon Kwamboka’s baby sister …
Ms Joy Agunja …



Tafuta 20k ya Easter usishinde ukilialia hapa Kama December

I don’t like laughing at people’s disabilities but yours is impossible to not laugh. :D:D