Tariq Nasheed gets destroyed in a debate

Summary of the debate


The Actual debate


:D:D at 14:00 to 15:20 He even tries to google some facts after being caught in one of his lies

Debate za White Supremacists sigwes click…

Niaje ngombe ya embassava


kusema ukweli trump is good for blacks. most black leaders make a career out of exhorting african misfortune. the black community spends all energy focusing on sins by whites instead of addressing their vulnerability first. the black man should ask why everyone wants to abuse the african. why arent whites messing with the chinese of japanese?

Hata kwa hii hando utajipeana tu hivi karibuni.

Mwafrika alishikwa mateka na dini ya mzungu na mwarabu. I view religion as the first step towards a successful step towards subjugation and brainwashing of the black race.

I’m not sure who Tariq is