Tanzanian Rail Expansion

While we were busy with Graft and backward Shareholder Hustler nonsense …
Tanzania is busy expanding its Rail Network.
The map below has been presented by Tanzania depicting the plan of using the Central Corridor to integrate the region.
Kenya is shaded black because it’s not part of the Central Corridor.


Uganda, TZ, DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, and Malawi are members of the recently expanded Central Corridor.

As has been said for the umpteenth time, we need a serious wake-up call and avoid chest thumping and a pre-occupation with maintaining the status quo.
The yellow lines are highways, while green lines are railways.

Tanzania has just completed the construction of the 900km Standard Gauge Railway line between Dar es Salam and Dodoma and headed to Mwanza to serve the Lake Victoria countries.


Hapa kwetu idiots in power are thinking of other useless things.

Niliwaambia hii Kenya inahitaji high IQ people in power to create,after that we can have low IQ people whose only duty is to follow,adhere to the system processes.

The current government should have waited for that time of people who just have to follow the process.

DAR Port will soon take over ALL the business for Central Africa and DRC now going thru the Port of Mombasa.

After that , Zambia , Zimbabwe , Malawi , Angola and Namibia will follow.

Here , it will still be Graft , Slogans and Riggy Gee’s “Muchere Na Nyama” nonsense

All of You:rage:

Where is the tazara railway China is going to be shipping a lot of stuff there and Tanzania is also not spineless they have a pragmatic foreign policy not overly leaning to the west like we do here

It is still in place and currentlly being upgraded …

The Tazara Railway, also called the Uhuru Railway or the Tanzam Railway, is a railway linking the port of Dar es Salaam in east Tanzania with the town of Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia’s Central Province.

The single-track railway is 1,860 km long and is operated by the Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority.

There is a big big difference between learning towards the west and being an outright western puppet.


Is your head hit by a donkey? Its not in Kenya’s interests to build a railway. China pay big money to kenya officials to accept Chinese project. China has great plan for Kenya, East and Central Africa. Kenya has no plan for itself, East or Central Africa.

If other countries want to serve chairman Xi with their future generations, should it concern you?

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I was in Dar last year and the tazara overpass looked abandoned and unfinished. The old railway under it on the ground was still functional, i ised it a couple times especially during evening rush hours… Sijui kama that time period has resuscitated it.

It looked a long way from completion

I am not quite sure WHO you are or WHOM you represent
But I have been watching your posts for a while …
Let me answer your last question first

  • Africans did not die in their various Liberation Struggles so that we exchange a White Master for a Chinese one …
    My Grand children will not be servants of Chairman Xi or any other Chairman.

  • The aggressive Chinese investments in Africa are not being done out of the milk of Human Kindness…
    It is an attempt at neo-colonialism , subjugation , monopoly and State Capture.
    It is not up to China to decide for Kenyans what is good or bad for development.

The fact that you seem to have most African Heads of State in your pockets does not mean that the ordinary Citizen wants or benefits from Shylock Style Chinese Loans in any way.

We saw what happened recently in Sri Lanka
We will not allow it to happen in Kenya

Kenya , just like China , has its share of Traitors , Criminals , Sell-Outs and Morons
But it also has Decent , Nationalist , Visionary , Focused and Hard working population who desire only Peace and Prosperity.

And China will not be allowed to take that Dream away from us:rage: :fire:

It’s painful @rexxsimba to admit what that fake chinku mbitika said, but it’s an honest dirty stinky truth

Prepare for a serious Revolution…
Soon …:fire::fire:

Rail lines have a notoriously poor ROI, haujawahi skia gas-lighters wakituambia “railways are not supposed to make money” au "railways are making a comeback?