Tanzanian Politician Congratulates Husband For Marrying A Second Wife

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A Tanzania politician, Zainab Abdallah has sent a congratulatory message to her husband for marrying a new wife, just seven months after they got married. The politician also welcomed the new wife on board, who will now be assisting her in taking care of their husband.

Zainab Abdallah, who works as a District Commissioner in Tanzania took to Instagram on to the send the message to her husband, Abdul Mohamed Khoulan, who is the CEO of Azam Club in Dar es Salaam.

Read what she wrote below:

[B]"Let me take this opportunity to congratulate my husband @vanmohamed for marrying a second wife. Because my Islamic religious practice allows such an arrangement. I advised him to marry another woman. My decision to get a co-wife was triggered by the nature of my job, which forces me to travel away from home often, consequently depriving my husband of basic needs in a marriage.

I thank him for understanding me and heeding to my request. I am glad to welcome on board @only_chibeb as a co-wife, who will help me in a big way to look after our husband, a responsibility which is very demanding."[/B]

Ms. Abdallah posted via her Instagram page on Wednesday.


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Omwami, bibi no. 1 anaendelea aje, and how do you share your time between them, do you spend more time with the younger

ata mimi hii nataka kujua

i love this religion and i love that country

Do they have 3somes? Is he going in raw with both of them?

So a district commissioner is a politician.

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No.1 ako fiti, I share my time equally between them. On Sundays we all spend time together as a family. Ne’ema tuu, raha tupu.

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No judging priss

Not judging, just trying to understand contradictions.

Of course, a man with multiple wives dry fries them just the way monogamists do. Trust is presumed.

Ustadh beste yako George alisota ikabidi amenyenyekea madhake siku hizi yeye amerudi kwa Supa ka manager Kawaida tu. Ata Kadonga Sikh hizi naskia wameanguka mbaiya hata wanauctioniwa. Infact hiyo rende Man Man pekee ndio ako na kakitu

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We learn new stuff every day. What I have learnt today; HUDUMA ZA MSINGI.
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On another occasion:-
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Me: Huduma za msingi zafaa kuwa bure. Hulipiangi kuma license fee.

True spiriti of sharing and caring