Tanzanian policeman dies while running away from prostitute

A policeman Stewart Saiba(40) force number Pf 18530 died at Mrina Shine guest house in Arusha.Saiba came to the guesthouse at midnight accompanied by a young woman.He recorded his details in the visitors book and he was given room number 5.He was carrying a bag and a walkie talkie. According to an employee of the establishment , who did not want his identity revealed.
At around 3am Saiba left the woman asleep in the room, walked to the back entrance and jumped over the gate but he fell head first on a sharp object.On hearing a commotion the watchman went to the gate and found Saiba bleeding profusely from his head.He reported this to the authorities and nearby hospital by the time they arrived he was already dead.The policemen searched his bag and found chips , a bottle of beer ,walky talky and two mobile phones .One of the mobile phones belonged to the prostitute.
Attempts to reach the regional base commander were futile.The body of the late Stewart will be buried in Bukoba after post morterm. @T255


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died in the line of duty, salute

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