Tanzanian Billionaire, 75, Leaves $560m For His 39-Year-Old wife

The richest man Tanzania, Reginald Mengi has been reported dead and the fortune he has left for his surviving wife who is said to be 39-years old, has stunned readers online.
The business tycoon left behind his beautiful wife called Jacqueline and their four children. It was gathered that Mengi passed on in the early hours of May 2, 2019, in Dubai.

According to reports, the billionaire left behind $560 million (Ghc2,900,800,000.00) for his 39-year-old wife and former Miss Tanzania, making her the richest woman in East Africa.

Reginald Mengi owned several business organizations including Radio One, ITV, IPP Gold and more.


The setup for inheritance row has began. Walijuaje?

He died a happy man.

International, regional and local plays, uwanja ni wenyu.

560 million dollars that’s an extraordinary amount. It’s what one guy called pornographic wealth

Tutaona Magufool kakijaribu kudandia lakini katahitaji stool.

Does the public have a preferred heir to this guys Estate ?

People have a problem with the man’s wife or what? Would it make a difference if she was 69?

I’m happy for my K-Lynn, she deserves it. She was a loyal wife to mzee.

The richest woman in east Africa ni mama Ngina.

Real talk but hio wealth yake hutainona imeandikwa kwa magazeti but if you know you.

Si lazima u copy paste vitu ki mandazi mandazi hivi, badilisha hizo Cedi zikuwe Kes

Mengi had two children with Jackline not four.

Second, Mengi left two children (older than Jackline) who control some part of his business

Third, IPP have other shareholders than Mengi. So nothing easy

Fourth, a big stake of shares of IPP owned by her late first wife and Mengi, also nothing easy

The late lived on the house with his wife and twin sons. It is surrounded by well-manicured lawns and forest all around it.
Check out the pictures of the place Reginald called home before his passing away:


Reginald Mengi died last week. The Tanzanian mogul was 75-years-old and was married to the beautiful Jacqueline. The two had been blessed with two sons.
During the funeral services the family of the late Mengi opened up their home to the mourners and it is fabulous work of contemporary artistry filled African hues. The mansion is built at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Reginald Mengi died last week.