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didn’t you post this isht here last year and we told you to shove it?

am in a dilemma, the sex and relationship is with the goat or …ama wacha tu!

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Too much make up on that woman…NASTY!

What. What. What. Okay.


She’s a nice lady wit a gd heart. Here she’s all natural.[ATTACH=full]50685[/ATTACH]

Have you taken a break from shooting?

And, what’s the name of that lady?

@Wakanyama mbusi yako imetendwa

Ms. Layton Benton.Latina

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still shooting.thanks 4 uR support bruh. New scene with Tiffany Watson cumming soon.[ATTACH=full]50690[/ATTACH]

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Is it good heart or good ass?

What line of work are you in and what support do you require from here?

a very very gud question.

Layton Benton. I’m a big fan of hers but she becoming fat:p