Tanzania yanunua "ITX bullet trains" kutoka Korea Kusini




Unajua maana ya bullet train? ITX averages 150km/h

Bullet trains ni 300km/h na kuendelea


Good one.keep it up,kazi nzuri,is the SGR line complete?

Good for you Megafool minions. @Titty Twister talked about average. You are talking about Max speed.

tutahamia Tanzania

He meant it’s shaped like a bullet

:D:D:D Inakuuma inabidi uzoee tu.

Usiwajali Hawa …walifanya uhawara na pesa zao …leo hii jirani anajiendeleza wao wanawaonea kijicho

Ovyo kabisa

Kazi safi kabisa

Ata izi za Mchina speed is capped at 120km/hr but designed for max operation of 160km/hr clearly stated on the side of the locomotive

In a bid to compete with Kenya, Tanzania has gone and built a passenger-first railway.
Hii itasumbua tu. Big debt hole and poor Tanzanians with no disposable income to travel.

Kenya had the foresight of making its SGR cargo-first, and even ours is still struggling.
Hii ya TZ ni sifa tu Makufuli anatafuta. Especially at a price tag of $14 billion.

But hawanunui deni I think they fund it themselves?

Concentrate on Kenyas Protectorate Somalia. Wait till 2080 tuwapee indipendence mkimea akili

Their annual tax collection does not even come close to $14 billion.

Nearly all their infrastructure projects are loan funded, just like Kenya. They just fail to disclose to the people the specific projects the loans are going to.
They put their projects in the budget, then borrow billions to ‘fill the deficit’.

https://constructionreviewonline.com/news/tanzania/tanzania-secures-us-1-5bn-loan-to-fund-construction-of-550km-of-its-sgr/#:~:text=Tanzania%20has%20signed%20a%20US,the%20centre%20of%20the%20country .

Pwahahaha. Jifariji sisi tunasonga mbele.
We buy by cash

Yeah. Someone else’s cash.

I’d like to see this train with supa dip…

Upuzi wetu watanzania… sisi mafala bongolala tusameheni hatujielewi