Ujenzi wa Reli ya Kisasa uliozinduliwa na Rais Magufuli Aprili 2017 kutoka Dar es Salaam hadi Morogoro unazidi kushika kasi ambapo Wakandarasi wanaendelea na kazi mbalimbali katika maeneo ya ujenzi. Daily News Digital ilitembelea na kujionea kazi inavyokwenda kwa kasi.


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JAPAN International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has asked the government to consider putting up a Mass Railway Transit (MRT) system in Dar es Salaam city, to ease transportation.

The Chief Representative of JICA, Tanzania Office, Mr Toshio Nagase made the call in the city yesterday, during the fourth Joint Coordination Committee Meeting for the Project for Revision of the Dar es Salaam Urban Transport Master Plan. Mr Nagase said introduction of MRT would help the region cope with traffic congestion which is predicted to increase considerably in the near future.

“If we imagine how the traffic situation in Dar es Salaam City will be like in 2040, a good harmonisation between MRT and the presence of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is crucial as its population would be over 12 million and a city area would expand beyond 30 kilometres from the Central Business District (CBD),” he said.

He said that the introduction of MRT in cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, railways contribute to the improvement and quality of life among people, as well as enhancing the economic activities. Mr Nagase said the master plan aimed at charting strategies for addressing current problems, to meet the future plan of Dar es Salaam’s transport, towards attracting social and economic investment.

“JICA expects that this Master Plan will be broadly shared with stakeholders and Tanzanian people and be incorporated in each sector development plan and suggested potential projects will be implemented based on a full initiative by the government of Tanzania which JICA promises to support,” he said.

The City Director, Ms Sipora Liana, said the Master Plan was worth 19bn/-, explaining that its features included urban structure and land use, roads transport, public transport and traffic management. She said the revision of the Dar es Salaam Master Plan commenced in 2016 and was due for completion in April 2018


Hio video yote inaonyesha watu kwenye watakulia,kulala,kunya zinginezo malori ziko na parking kubwa Sana sijaona reli yenyewe ndio maana huyu jamaa akiitishwa picha Hana. Video inafanyiwa rewinding ndio ikue ndefu hata afadhali wangefanya editing.

Haha ha. Hakika unachosema?

Great video. Mainly finishing up on mobilization stage and early stage earthworks. Completion is more likely in 2020. October 2019 is ambitious