Tanzania to Angola railway on its way, Is Tanzania taking Kenya’s status??.

Tanzania and Angola have had an agreement to build a railway line which will connect the two countries by rail, Angola ambassador confirms. The railway line will run from Dar es salaam to Ilopote in Angola. Angola is looking forward to this project as the country aims at diversifying its economy, Angola’s economy is over reliant on oil sales. The railway line will not only help these countries to trade among themselves, but it is also expected to help both Tanzania and Angola to reach new markets for their products ,and making these two countries transport hubs in their respective regions . This will be the only railway line connecting the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic.
Is Tanzania taking Kenya’s position as a regional transport hub?.???..


Pangala pungulu panganga pungungu:D

When Somalia comes around kwisha nini

Why do Tanzanian s feel the need to compare themselves with others? Kenya this ,Kenya that ,do your own thing bila kusumbua!!!

Great move this one is. Kenya has or had LAPSSET but after the SGR scandal of looting and inflated land prices it will be hard to find a financier

The same Angola that’s staring at debt default is planning these sort of pointless infrastructure projects?

Dark continent manenos.

Just a link between Taraza. It will involve rehabilitation of thousands of KM of rail that is fallen apart in DRC.

At speeds of 30-40kph cargo will take almost 4 to 5 days to reach Tanzania ports where they’ll sit for another week before exported. Might take longer importing.

While in Kenya cargo trucks going to DRC the time traveling there has fallen from a week to almost 3 days. If we can get the Congolese government into the EAC and then get them to upgrade there roads opening up the country Kenya will be very rich just from transshipment of goods.

Once the 2 remaining berths are completed the project will literally fund itself.

You don’t realize but ships are looking for a cheap route that doesn’t involve paying $500,000 dollars a ship to cross the suez canal.

Hizo zote ndio kila meli hukanja? Who gets all that money? Egypt?

somalian railway has to cross kenya or ethiopia,most likely ethiopia,before crossing they have to sign agreements.am sure it will be good for the region when somalia acknowlegdes where exactly her boundary is.

somalia is boxed.

Our boundary includes Ogaden region in Ethiopia… yes, we are alive to that.

Good news to them, we need more connectivity on the continent.

Kenya is East Africa’s USA that’s why Tanzanians gauge everything they do based on the Kenyan standard

Egypt. They make a killing.


Kenyans will live to regret Uhuruto for decades

Egypt is making some serious $$ ,

That is alot of money.

How is TZ-Angola related to Kenya in any way? Do we have to compare everything?

You are Always comparing Somalia with kenya