Tanzania standard gauge rail project to use Hyundai electric trains

Hyundai Rotem, the manufacturing company that is part of South Korea-based Hyundai Group, has won a $296 million contract to supply 80 electric multiple units (EMUs) and 17 electric locomotives to Tanzania.
According to reports by South Korean news agencies, the trains will be supplied to the Tanzania Railway Corporation.
The vehicles will be Tanzania’s first electric trains, the company said, and will be supplied within three years.
Hyundai Rotem’s electric vehicles will be used on the 546-kilometre-railway running from Dar es Salaam to Makutupora in the Dodoma region, which was recently reconstructed during the first two phases of the Tanzania standard gauge railway project.
The deal with Hyundai follows Tanzania’s plan to modernise its railroads after injecting $6.9 billion into upgrading its old rail system.
Tanzania’s railways were narrower than standard gauges, and trains had to be driven at slow speeds of between 30 to 40 kilometres per hour.
However, the new rails mean that electric locomotives and EMUs supplied by Hyundai Rotem can run at maximum speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour.

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Na stima ikipotea, then travellers have to spend the night in the bush. Hizi vitu electric are just hype sijui electric cars, electric motorcycles, electric cars etc. I’d rather have the Kenyan sgr trains that are diesel electric, ie the engines are giant generators that produce electric power that runs the train. That way the train is self contained electric and doesn’t depend on Kenya power.

If you buy a car on a bank loan, the bank owns the car until you clear the loan. Same with a house on mortgage. And trains on loan.

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The electric locomotives have gigantic batteries designed to power the train to the next/nearest station without glitch, from there they can charge/replace batteries or sort the power issues
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Kenyans will watch as other African nations overtake them in terms of development.

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[SIZE=6]Power outage leaves trains stuck on tracks in Mumbai[/SIZE]

Read more at:

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[SIZE=7]UK power cut: ‘We were stuck on a train with no food or toilets’[/SIZE]
By Winnie Agbonlahor
BBC News, London

Rail passengers have described being plunged into darkness with no food or water or access to toilets after the UK was struck by a nationwide power cut.

Ms Sandeman, who had been due to meet her husband at St Pancras Station but failed to make it in time as the train she was on - from Biggleswade, Bedfordshire - got stuck in a tunnel.
“Just as we were about to arrive at the station, the power went and we were stuck on the train for an hour-and-a-half,” she said.
“For an hour, we were in darkness, with no lights, no air-con and just the emergency lights outside.”

Lawal Brown had boarded a train at 16:45 BST from Stevenage to London on the first leg of his journey home to Bristol when the power cut struck.
“When power was restored, the train could not be restarted,” he said.
“They called in engineers who also couldn’t get us moving. The driver told us this had happened to all the Thameslink trains of that type, i.e. it was a design flaw.”
He said there was no food or drink available on that train and the toilets were locked.

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[SIZE=7]Power failure leaves 500 stuck on French train[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4] https://www.thelocal.fr/20150213/500-stuck-on-french-train-after-power-failure/ [/SIZE]


Around 500 people have spent most of the day stuck inside a train in western France, after a power failure saw the carriage grind to a halt early on Friday morning. Rail operators have warned that other passengers in the area could face delays all day.
The train left Paris at 7am on Friday morning on the way to Brest on France’s far western coast. But at around 9.15am, a power outage saw the TGV train come to a stop between Laval in the Mayenne département and Vitre in Ille-et-Vilaine.

Some 500 passengers could do nothing but wait for hours for the line to be fixed.

Good thing that you are citing examples from those so-called developed countries. Do not at all let them look at how worse it is in our worthy equal and neighboring nation to the North beyond Moyale!