Tanzania’s coal reserves are estimated at 1.9 billion tonnes


Coal in Tanzania has become essential in transforming energy production. Tanzania coal reserves at estimated to be 1.9 billion tonnes.
[li]Tanzania coal is now exported to foreign markets[/li][li]Tanzania’s Mchuchuma coal deposits has around 540 billion tonnes of reserves[/li][li]Mining in Tanzania is one of the most vital sector in the country[/li][/ul]
Mining in Tanzania has emerged to become the most vital vein in the nation’s economy. After a series of policy and law changes within the mining industry, Tanzania’s mining company, Ruvuma Coal limited, has expanded the nation’s coal materials to European markets.

[SIZE=7]Demand for coal in Europe a boon for Tanzania[/SIZE]
Dar es Salaam. The sleepy Tanzanian port of Mtwara mainly dealt in cashew nuts until late last year. Now it bustles with vessels loading up with coal, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine drives a worldwide race for the polluting fuel.







Coal is and shall remain on of the pioneering mineral products of jitegemee Holdings

The Company shall mine and sell coal as an alternative source of heating energy

Coal has a myriad of other uses, including in cement production,carbon fibers and foams, medicines, tars,synthetic petroleum-based fuels, home and commercial heating.



About Jitegemee Holdings Company Limited

Jitegemee Holdings Company (JHC) Ltd is a full-service mining company with corporate offices in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa and its coal mining sites in Songea, Ruvuma Region in Mbinga District. Jitegemee prides itself as a company with a strong orientation in creating social impact by empowering local communities. The Company prioritizes offering employment opportunities to the local community and supporting social projects in the localities they work in. For sustainable growth, Jitegemee upholds and actively practices ethical and balanced approach to the mining busines to ensure impact and a secure future for all its stakeholders. The Company also purposes impact lives in Tanzania and beyond by investing responsibly in resources that will improve and sustain the economies on the continent of Africa. To achieve the objectives, Jitegemee has put in place strategies to support innovation while maintaining highest standards of ethics and integrity. To drive these strategies, the Company has a competent Board that spearheads the strategies.

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Kenyan coal deposits politicians destroyed it our neighbour tz is making money out of it

Tanzania has exported coal to different countries including China,Kenya,Netherlands, India, Senegal, Egypt, Europe, Amsterdam, Ghana and Ivory Coast.


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CCM = Chama cha Mapinduzi


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