Tanzania May Start Building $30 Billion LNG Project

The project gained momentum after President Samia Suluhu Hassan took office in March, and directed her administration to fast-track delayed investments. Plans for an LNG plant on Tanzania’s southern coast and a pipeline connecting offshore fields have been under consideration since 2014. Talks, however, stalled for more than a year under Hassan’s predecessor John Magufuli.

The announcement on construction of the project comes months after Total SE suspended work on a similar plan in neighboring Mozambique following insurgent attacks. Tanzania’s project, which has lagged Mozambique, is set to benefit from Hassan’s push to boost investment and accelerate economic growth in a nation where policy uncertainty had stifled business.


saidia mkubwa ajue hi gesi unazungumuzia ndio ile ya Jakuom yenye tunatumia kupika jikoni?

I’ve realized one thing. Headlines always focus on he cost and not benefit of a project.

Kama SGR and comparison to TZ rail would have been good on a protected income basis

It also lacks any info of where the finances will come from and usually the source of the news is a government official not the framed “investor”. Expect this headline to be repeated every few months for the next 10 years.

Madam Suluhu ashakuwa kibaraka ya Parasitic Owners of Capital. Anaogopa kuzikwa mapema.

ata kenya siku izi tunapima projects based on ile pesa tunamwaga hapo, sio benefits, sababu izo projects sio za kubenefit wananchi.

Badala ya kusema Dam ina capacity inatoshanaje, tunasema multi billion mega dam.
Multi billion modern stadium, na hakuna mwenye atasema io stadium ina facilities zipi, inaeza ingia watu wangapi…

Ni battyboy kama @spear uandika hizo government press releases na editors wenye wako kwa mfuko zao pale Star Newspaper. Expectations are low.