Tanzania is one of the countries with a large supply of rare earth metal (Top 10)

There are countries here in Africa every day they protest. They look for food like birds. But Tanzania is one of the countries blessed by God.

But you have rare brains

Umesema they are Homo habilis… And they should be living in caves?

drc hakuna

Kenya we have a rare earthling called omollo ojinga, he is standing to be president as we speak, i like the violent way this man loses elections, it’s like comedy.

They are Bonobo prototypes

Kenya is like Israel… Hahaha… Nothing to show for it… But somehow does much better economically than many of the endowed neighbours in the region like TZ and DRC

And yet a bottom level third world sh…h…. So without those it would be 4th world

When you complete protesting come to Tanzania to get Ugali.:D:D:D

That reminds me- minerals, peace, bountiful lands and still bottom level 3rd world. Really hopeless

Destroy that jigger-infested shithole

21 century you still protesting to get Ugali from mr Ruto.

Mbongo, how many Tanzanian shillings do you have to slave labor to get one Kenyan shilling?

Ruto’s Ugali inakufanya unyambe sana.

Rare earth metals are not rare

Kama suluhus mkia, right?