Tanzania is East Africa's leading FDIs destination

This is Tanzania



Interesting facts , We are happy for you , Tanzanians.
That’s why we don’t burn your onions,oranges,maize,timber or arrest your citizens working in Kenya because we accommodate everyone.
Ingia Industrial area uyaone matrela yamepakiwa mahindi .

Hiyo Citizen ni makaratasi ya kufunga nyama ya Tansania?

was in Temeke last week and guys are cursing Magufuli… Kazi imekuwa kukula tu chips mayai

If it wasn’t for the mediocrity, Tanzania’s economy would be 10x that of Kenya. TZ would be in the same league with South Africa. Tanzania wouldn’t be competing with countries like Kenya, of which 65% is a barren desert, and has no gas or gold. But the mediocrity in TZ is just out of this world.

There is a philosophy they used to follow…Ujamaa. Do not blame them wholly.

is this the same country which passed a law to make it a crime to contrast official government figures??juzi wakateka billionaire …and a host of other crimes

Ati a crime to contrast GOVT FIGURES ? Gheesauce kwani ni Pyongyang ?

There is a law to that effect unfortunately

Wakenya bhana!! Huwa mnajifanya much know sana huku mnaendelea kushikwa makalio.

We can’t trust any figures coming out of TZ unfortunately.

@T255 you can pull figures out of your ears all day long and we still won’t care. Because the state casts itself as the sole custodian of statistical data.

We Kenyans have been down that road of autocracy, media gagging and human rights abuses. That road leads to anarchy and destruction. We can only wish our Tanzanian brethren a quick and safe passage. We will host them, even in this forum, until the day they feel safe to return home.

Pwahahahaha. This is the statistic about peace and democracy


Country by Democracy index


Do you think we trust you m@nkey!!? {in Chinese voice }

You are showing the same aggressiveness on a forum as your brethren show towards Kenyans in your country… This unwarranted hostility only proves how insecure and inferior Kenyans make you people feel… by the way, while you people try so hard to outdo Kenya, Kenyans do not even view your country as a real competitor. Nyinyi endeleeni kutuweka kama benchmark yenu, while playing catch up.

I have never seen a more insecure and inferiority complex filled punk like you on forums ever

Pwahahahaha!!! Chinese voice {---------}

And Kenya is one of the main investors.
Tanzania does not feature in any of our top investors .Like at all.


2015 data. We are top 3 as of 2018. Eat that shithead. Tunawekeza huko na faida tunamumunya wakati mkicheza baikoko maharusini

And kenya mpaka sasa people wanakufa kwa njaa huko turkana.