Tanzania going to the polls Wed Oct 28.

Kenyans have had a tough time under Magufuli presidency. He has made life for Kenyan traders and immigrant workers especially teachers hellish.
So I know many Kenyans would prefer Tundu Lissu to win.
Personally I want Magufuli to win. He’s showing African nations that the multinational mining companies can be made to pay for the natural resources they have been stealing from Africa.
Had Magufuli been the president of Kenya Tullow Oil would have not demanded Shs240B.
The oil belongs to Kenya and after Tullow not finding any oil after huge tax breaks from Kenyan taxpayers, somehow Kenyans owe the multinational. It doesn’t make sense


Africa needs more presidents like Magufuli and less like Uhuru.

If Uhuru was like Maghufuli he would have ordered the execution of Raila and arrest/torture of other opposition leaders. I know it’s tough for people like you who are swayed by wheelbarrow donations to think soberly, but Tanzania is only showing you their “achievements” while working hard to hide their numerous missteps. The fact that journalists are regularly arrested or even killed should tell you things are not as rosy in that country.

You have closed the thread even before it has started!

Colonial lapdogs deserve to be jailed! Magufuli has managed to keep chinese and any other beberu at bay!

Magufuli is pro hustlers. Hawkers and small scale miners have flourished under his rule.

Pewa mbili baridi.

magufuli has tried on some aspects lakini vitu zengine amefeli.

and then tanzanians go berserk on kenya,enyewe kuna vitu zengine kenya hufanya ni upuz but the tz people take it far,its good they are now experiencing problems similar to those of kenya going forward e.g siasa chafu na utumizi mbaya wa polisi and terrorism,hapo kwa terrorism sijui if they will cope,they have always avoided any joint efforts.ukiangalia joint trainings na workshops atleast Ug hukam,huko somalia atleast Ug,Kenya,Burundi and Ethiopia wako kwa ground,wao they kept off now they are begging SADC to help contain the terrorists before it gets worse

Nimegundua. Wakenya wengi hawajui siasa za Tanzania.

Tanzania has its own politics since 1977. Hamuwezi mkaielewa siasa ya Tanzania. After election Tundu Lisu atapewa kazi ya kufanya ndani ya Serikali ya Tanzania.

Hizi taarifa mnazitoa ninyi wakenya na kuzikuza. Hakuna kitu kama hicho cha terrorism in Tanzania.

Hizo ni wishes zenu tu. Will not happen in Tanzania, Tanzania itaendela kuwa nchi Huru na yenye amani.

[li]14th October- ISCAP attacked Kitaya village, the Mtwara region north of Mozambique’s border with Tanzania. Kitaya is located approximately 160km from MDP and is the first attack by the group across the border but the second against Tanzanian troops.[/li][li]At least 20 people were brutally beheaded with videos circulated on social media. Additionally, the attackers captured a Tanzanian military WZ-551 armored vehicle and assorted weapons[/li][/ul]

Tanzania will offer very fertile grounds for the establishment of an ISIS branch because it already has a significant jihadi presence of recruits who were unable to travel to Somalia to join al Shabaab or ISS. Such establishment may quite possibly benefit from some significant local support from aggrieved communities especially in Mtwara because in previous years Tanzania’s government has cracked down on Islamists and jihadist sympathizers in the south of the country. while some of them dispersed throughout Tanzania and the region and it would not be surprising if others have established more formal links with ISCAP as evidenced by recurring videos online of Tanzanian jihadists training in caves.

Is there free media in Tanzania ama its just about what TBC says

CCM like SA ANC always wins, what will stop then this time round?

Tundu Lisu na Chadema hoiyee

Personally I don’t like the treatment Kenyans receive from Magufuli but as far as Pan Africanism I think he is one of the best African leaders. He has not gone to a single European country and he made Barrick Gold pay royalties and taxes of over $280M.
Multinationals must be hoping Magufuli loses. I saw a BBC report that was critical of him. Crazy

Oh!! Hizo ni propaganda zenu tu.
Mtwara ni full happiness.[ATTACH=full]330600[/ATTACH]

Treatment for Kenyans!!! This is crazy also.
How does Tanzanian President treat Kenyans!? Tanzanian president is for Tanzania not for Kenya. You have Uhuru Kenyatta we don’t care whatever he does to you.

Magufuli is the legitimate president in the United Republic of Tanzania.