Tanzania Citizens Selling Drugs in SA n blaming Nigerians


A few Tanzanians and even Kenyans might be involved, but it is a sure bet that Nigerians are the biggest peddlers…And pakistanis

very few kenyans are involved…and they all work under Tanzanians and Nigerians. Tanzanians rule cape drug trade though…more powerful than Nigerians. Advantage with Tanzanians is that they easily learn Zulu, xhosa and Afrikans then illegally acquire citizenship within a very short space of time.
And they really know how to blend in…plus they lead very modest lifestyles thus attract very little attention to themselves.

Ata Mr. Nice ule wa ‘kuku kapanda baiskel’ fame was a pusher huko tu satafrika

which city? I used to know most of the kingpins in cape town, belville etc…and a few from joburg. I had no idea Mr. Nice was one of them

Were you a peddler, a user, or law enforcement?

non of the above

One of the worst things i regret in life is being a peddler in my campus life.ile maisha haikua poa kapsaa

come on, how do you know most peddlers then?

In south Africa drug business is done very openly. Alafu some towns like where I was based are predominantly white such that almost all blacks know each other by name. And there were only 2 black friendly clubs so it was very easy to know everybody who speaks kiswahili.


Nitatoa hekaya in due time ill start working on it

Safi bro. Isikawie.

Kama ni bangi hatutaki…

In 2014, a lone man walked streets of a South African city unaware that the steps were to be his last. As he enjoyed the cool winter breeze, a man appeared from the crowd and shot him 32 times, his body shredded by the sheer violence of the act. In Mombasa, a man acting on behalf of one of the most feared crime families got a text message confirming the death of the man. He then made an order for flowers to be delivered to the family of the dead and followed up with a phone call, to pass his condolences.

“As a result, Baktash, Ibrahim and Goswami decided to have Pinky killed in a public way to convey a message that the group would not tolerate such threats. Goswami coordinated the murder of Pinky in South Africa, and the killer shot Pinky 32 times in the streets, killing him,” investigations have revealed. For the six months that followed the beating of Armstrong, the Akashas and Goswami worked together to transport between five and six tons of abba from Nairobi to South Africa after bribing their way through to police evidence lockers and making away with seven tonnes of the impounded drugs. Their pay day was between Sh60 million and Sh70 million per tonne. Fresh details on Sh12 billion Akasha drug deal, murders and kidnappings - The Standard