Tanzania cases at 16,400

The COVID19 crisis in Tanzania is now critical! Zambia has closed its border with Tanzania! A well placed source in Dar es Salam claims they have 16,467 cases tested positive, 1,293 dead and only 118 recoveries!

As usual, you only have ‘WORDS’ to vouch for your ‘FACTS’…

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Sawa Master, elekea huko

I dispute the figures, unless a credible source is revealed, though 9 drivers tested positive today at Namanga. They were entering Ke from Tz. Other 5 Tz drivers also tested +.


Hata kama you only have words to vouch for your facts, I would rather believe the words and stay here…

Chinese Virus fatality numbers are FAKE AF! Hii yote ni upuzi tupu. Fungueni economy watu wafanye kazi. Enyewe this great vacation we’re on will lead to another great depression. If people die from hunger it will be totally deserved.

NVchieth DCI Pewa kiti

What matters is the rate of mortality, not the number of infections.

Rate of mortality is high in TZ, they don’t care anymore

I think they care ni vile kuna pressures za uchumi.

Yup. But we can’t trust these authorities on that either. Watu wakikufa juu ya vitu zingine so long as alikuwa na corona they say it’s a corona related death. There simply is no big deal here. I’ve realized people just don’t want to work.

Njaa inakuja. Na inakam na ubaya hii upuzi ikiendelea.

The world, even nature, needed a break. Wacha watu wapumzike during this global shutdown. We all get healthy and whole again, work can wait.

A very tricky balance…

Covid-19 appears to be an accelerator … for those with underlying conditions

A deserved RESET for Mother EARTH…

Cases are obviously very high because of the route they chose to take but Dunia nzima, every country has more recoveries then deaths, so your source is fake

Tuliza kende, ngojea numbers

D.i.g.i.thia úhíí…