Tanzania be warned. Kamenuka

Whacha Magufuli anyoroshwe

It was a complete sham elections. Heavily rigged.

people seem to forget how chaotic the rigging was on our previous election and nothing happened after,… hata jayden anatafuta third term

These tactics were used in Kenya in 1992, ni vile tu there was no internet to shut down. Tanzania is three decades behind us banae.

Wakenya mnashida sana. Tanzania is a sovereign state. Haipigii magoti any country. So endeleeni na mambo yenu.
We have ours. Tanzania does not worship any person.

@langatkipro = @spear

:smiley: And these silly Americans should be the last ones pontificating to anyone about anything. Wapambane na ile wazimu yao waache kusumbua.

We welcome your fine ghels to 254 for asylum… Several villagers here are willing to offer refuge

We don’t have childish politics in Tanzania. Ukishindwa unatakiwa uheshimu utaratibu na sheria. Siyo kupanga maandamano na kunyima Uhuru was watu wengine. Lazima uwekwe lumande kwa muda.

Ballot boxes stuffing, whole boxes already filled, vote tally fraud and just plain open rigging. Yaani they decided if we are stealing elections then let’s use every trick in the book at once. Results, ccm won all seats except 1 or 2. :D:D:D:D:D Yaani even at opposition strongholds you win by +75%

But Trump is working to steal his own election right now.
His Supreme Court will next week rule to exclude millions of democrat votes.

At this point I would take election advice from China not the US.

Ha ha ha!

Americans lost their moral authority over anyone a long time ago. That said, TZeders are a blessing to a dictator like magufuli with the docility and naivety of a large section of their population. But this might be for the good of TZ if magufuli really means well for the country and is not just there for himself. This is because he can deliver without the noise from evil societies, corrupt police and corrupt courts covering for corrupt looters etc. But if he is a selfish mofo, ole wao. They will be like kenya under a raira presidency

Mafuguli thinks he is a big boy when he treats other African leaders like crap. He better not make a mistake with the Western World ; China alone will not help his economy. In 5 years he has changed a democracy into a tyranny. When sanctions hit ranging from tourism to trade , he will understand that they were just tolerating him. I think Tanzania is in for a rough ride.
And let no one tell you how they are independent; Sudan is embracing Israel just for sanctions to be removed . The sanctions on Sudan are what led to Bashir’s fall down. When people are hungry and dead they act irrationally.

Ya Kenya hawakuiba hivyo openly. Hii ni too much.

America , the land of mega corruption, Racism, violence, and tyranny don’t have any moral authority to dictate to any country on matters democracy

The only difference was that uncle Sam still had Kenya at heart,Pombe Makufuli has fallen out with many leaders for speaking his mind and resolving to do what needs to be done.Utaanza kusikia sanctions zikielekezwa kipande hiyo


We are concerned about reports of irregularities that call into question the credibility of the election process. It is important for the NEC and ZEC to transparently receive, investigate and respond to complaints raised by candidates and political parties.


Now everyone is speaking out.