Tanzania Acts On Fake Certificates...Why Not Kenya?

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has sacked nearly 10,000 civil servants who have been found to have forged secondary school certificates.
There isn’t a particular place which is well known for making fake ones here, but it’s easy enough to get hold of a certificate on the black market.


And it is very common for people to use fake certificates in Tanzania.
Police raided a house in the main city Dar es Salaam last year and found two individuals with machines, stamps, and piles of templates for fake secondary school, birth and even business license certificates stacked up in a room.
It is also very common for people to use their friends’ or family members’ certificates.
In this case, when someone gets a job or goes on to higher education, they will actually change their name to match the one on their certificate.

The people who are said to have fake certs
1Oscar Sudi
5That governor that sent assassins to kill somebody then the fake assassin “committed suicide” in jail.

what was their output and work ethics.

You sound like one of them with fake certificates.

What’s output to do with fake certificates? :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that really a question? how are the likes of sudi performing their core parliamentary tasks?

In the last parliament or the one before, wasn’t there an elected MP that could not read or write or something to that effect? Pray tell how such an individual is meant to legislate, understand complex committee issues etc? Baafrika, it’s like we were cursed.

You are cursed and can’t see beyond your nose. What fake certificates and compromised education system does to a country even Satan cannot do.

Check out this scenario, a person gets hired in an institution for an entry level position. Throughout his employment the person becomes a diligent worker and bags a few promotions, only for that person to be smoked out, for presenting fake credentials.
Are you guys ruling out the above scenario can’t happen ?

That is not how to look at such issues. Whereas there are such borderline cases, majority of the cases observed point to the converse. I mean, the individuals weren’t qualified in the first instance.

A certain section of the republic could suffer the most.
In Kenya, if it’s proven that you have fake certificates, you are summarily dismissed. I know three individuals who have been sacked.


It can and happens alot. but it also locks out more deserving persons and entrenches impunity.

Never happens, NEVER HAPPENS, most people if this nature get promotions through being an ass pleaser and depending on the junior staff,

Kenya kuna hata wale wame retire na fake certificates.

Then we keep blaming the govt when we have the likes of you who can’t see anything wrong with a fake certificate.

Someone willing to use a fake cert to get a job (especially in public service )
would be readily willing to deny you services if you do not bribe them
would be easily manipulated to engage in corruption
would be willing to sabotage the working of the whole organisation , this is a compromised individual more bad than good will result from them being in public service .
Seriously even if they get to managerial positions what kind of leadership ,planning ,budgeting (policy in short ) will they follow .


@Strategoi , do you believe that , after President Pombe, replaces 11,000 plus of employees in his government, That The TZ civil service will become extremely efficient and work ethics of Employees will improve to levels never witnessed in Africa ?

Usiwahi fanya kazi na boss who has doubts about his academic and/or competency. Kila siku will be a dick measuring exercise as he tries to clip his/her juniors wings. Every idea is trashed and reports doctored to cover their incompetent asses. Very frustrating for professional who want things to move.

Absolutely not.