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Tantan is a dating app, most ladies there are students, pia kuna maids wale wamechanuka, Many also are desparate. you just like her pic, she likes yours, chat na get what you want. But you have to be careful, kuna wengine ni wezi, ukiona ameanza kuitisha fare, huyo weka kando, ama send me 200 nirefund jioni, say no, move to the next mb***t.
Good day ktalkers

perempeng pererere

sisi tuko na PokoFone.
iko na dedicated button on the left side. ukifinya, inapigia poko anakuja unamtomba HKM

Ata credits huezi leta
Story tu ni copy and paste
Ungrateful dog
The day i joined ktalk is the day these conversations started
Never forget that! Mbwa mwitu

Enda kwa admin akupatie letter of recommendation na certificate of participation.

Honourary degrees ni poa sana. Unaezapata umeandikwa kazi

hehe acha ntafute hio app

Mzae, sare madre asubuhi hivi:D

Ebu tuma link ya iyo app

itumwe iyo link

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Check out Tantan - it matches you with nearby people who like you! ( https://tantanapp.com )

you prostitute hoping disloyal fool-ass bitch-made punks

Iko kwa AppStore pia?

aki China taibia watu mpaka lini. Guyz are up and down joining dating sites moderated by Wakora from the east

So far Nimepitia 11 from cupid and 2 from tagged.I’m looking for 4 more online shags then I hang up the belt.Special shoutout to @under23


What a glory @Kimakia hebu njoo kidogo na usitumane

Am overwhelmed by those from Tagged,Ta Imagine I have two 40yrs and 45yrs on my back.Never munched a senior but I want to tick off that item on my bucketlist.
On Friday from midnight just know Kimakia will be in joyland

Joyland utakua ni hiyo ya hapo Ruaka.

Kwa bedsitter