"TANO TENA" Musician Leaves A Note Threatening Suicide Over Debt...

The family of Kikuyu musician Irûngû Wanjaro alias Wanjaro Junior has made an appeal to Kenyans to help them find him.

Before his disappearance, Wanjaro had written a suicide note claiming that he would throw himself in Sagana River. His family members are requesting the authorities to help look for him in the River. In addition, Wanjaro had indicated that he had a Ksh700,000 debt which was stressing him out and he was unable to pay it.

The message was sent by Irungu Wanjaro before he went missing.

“When I go missing, don’t waste a lot of time looking for me. My body will be in Sagana River,” reads the message seen by Kameme FM.

One of the most popular songs sang by Irungu include; Wendo ni Mugeria.

Irungu is the brother of the late popular Kikuyu musician George Wanjaro. Before his death, he sung songs like Date ya Mbeere and Wanjaro Marua ma Jacqueline.

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Wakanda Gal
Karma has located this man,he together with other family members kicked out the late Wanjaro’s wife and two children out of her matrimonial home
and sold everything including his grave yard

Sheeba Wildsprings
What goes around comes around. They messed up Wanjaro’s wife, robbed her of everything her husband had left her simply coz she was NOT of their tribe.

@Wanaruona hii ni simu gani Celeb mungich wenyu anatembea nayo

Mtu anakula pesa, squanders his fortune, na kutwanga sherehe vilivyo na slay queens alafu akiona kimeumana anakimbia social media for a pity party kulilia wakenya :eek::D:D:D
Seems like the new way to con Kenyans sio kwa ubaya especially mgchs:D
Ona Kinuthia aka Omosh wa tahidi high now huyu irungu:D
Ndaani Ndaani Ndaani… to the statehouse
To the state house… :D:D:D:D:D
Apambane na hali yake kama wengine
Wakenya Jameni!

I wish he commits suicide :D:D
Do it!

Die bitch!

Shida iko wapi?


Mimi sio mungich uliza @Motokubwa yeye ndio ngonya wa gakonya. Wale mungich sugu. Hawa ndio founding members wa hio sect.

Thaai nyumba

He won’t be the first and last, asitutishe na kifo jinga type

He won’t hear you. Was fished out of Masinga Dam last evening.

"Government eats its own people " . ref SENATOR ORENGO JAMES.

Amenyuria tayari?

Wanjala mpya ameua wangapi kwanza? Niliacha wamefika watano jana.

Na ukimaliza hizi speech zako panda nduthi uende ukadinywe matako huko Kamkuywa by you know who.

The body of a musician who had been missing for four days has been found floating in Masinga dam in Embu County.
Edward Irungu Njaro, popularly known as Wanjaro Junior, is suspected to have committed suicide by plunging into the crocodile infested dam located in the expansive Mbeere Sub-County.
He disappeared from his Kasarani home in Nairobi on July 14 and on Saturday, his lifeless body was spotted in the dam.
His vehicle, which he was driving prior to his disappearance, was found abandoned in Kamweri village near River Tana.
Residents who saw the body reported the matter to officers to Makutano Police Station.
Moments later, officers drove to the scene and pulled out the body and took it to Embu Referral Hospital mortuary.
“Residents going about their businesses spotted the dead man in the dam and alerted the law enforcers who responded fast and retrieved his body," Mbeere South police boss Gregory Mutiso said.
[SIZE=6]Sh700,000 debt[/SIZE]
According Mr Mutiso, it is believed that the musician could have killed himself over a Sh700,000 debt.
“We have reliably learnt that the victim had been struggling to repay the loan and it is likely he took his life due to depression," he told the Nation.
However, Mr Mutiso said investigations had been launched to establish the actual circumstances under which the victim met his death.
He said the body had no physical injuries and a post-mortem will be performed on it to establish the actual cause of death.
He told relatives to be patient and wait for the conclusion of investigations into the musician’s death.
Mr Mutiso said the victim’s vehicle was taken away by one of the relatives who identified the body.

Cowards fear to face real life. Hata kenya inadaiwa na haijui kama italipa.

Some individuals owes lending institutions/ pple tens of millions and are partially defaulters but that can’t stop them from clubbing, whoring, eating roasted meat e.t.c then passing near their lender whistling and swinging with a toothpick stucked btw their teeth.

Mambi inakuwa ngumu mpaka debt collector anakuwa auctioned pia.

People are really suffering out there

Questions have emerged about the sudden death of Kikuyu Benga music businessman Edward Irungu Njaro in an alleged suicide after his body was retrieved on Saturday from Masinga dam.

While police records indicate that he most likely killed himself over a Sh700,000 debt — as he allegedly indicated in his suicide note saved on his phone — his last moments cast a shadow of a doubt.
He had been reported missing on July 14 after he sent his friends a text message that he was jumping into the River Tana owing to depression over the loan.
He did not disclose whom he owed or the pressures being exerted on him to pay up.
He had directed his friends to go and get the vehicle he would use to drive himself to Kamweli village, on the boundary of Murang’a, Kirinyaga and Embu counties on the Kenol-Nyeri highway.
It was not immediately clear who removed the vehicle from the scene as it had been towed to the Kasarani Police Station in Nairobi County even before it was processed by crime scene experts.
Kasarani Division Police Boss Patrick Mwazo said the vehicle was surrendered as “belonging to a missing person who resided on nearby Kamiti Road”.

Masinga dam, where the body of Kikuyu pop musician Edward Irungu Njaro, alis Wanjaro Junior (right), was found floating on July 17, 2021.

[SIZE=6]‘Social animal’[/SIZE]
In Zimmerman estate where he lived, he was portrayed as a social animal albeit in a discreet way.
He was said to have dined and wined with underground dealmakers in Marurui, Kiamumbi, Kamae and Ngomongo estates and was full of hopes that he was not a candidate for death any time soon.
“He is only known to have maintained three close friends. He was working as a supervisor for another mysterious man who owns rental houses, butcheries and transport trucks. Any time we discussed death, he would say he would not dare die and leave behind women whom he usually termed as flowers of life and the core reason men existed,” said one of his friends, John Macharia.

While media reports have indicated that Irungu was a musician, Talented Musicians and Composers Sacco chairman Epha Maina said he was not.
Instead, his brother George Wa Njaro, who died in 2007, was the musician besides being a high school teacher, his last workstation being Gaichanjiru High in Murang’a County.
Mr Maina said, “We have our benchmarks to categorise one as a musician and this man is not one of us and we will not be burying him as we do for one of our own.”

[SIZE=6]Long court battle[/SIZE]
Upon Wa Njaro’s death, Irungu started selling his music in River Road, leading to a protracted court battle with the teacher’s widow Molline Atieno, who wanted him restrained from duplicating and selling her late husband’s work for commercial gain.
“He had been warned by my husband that should I be widowed, all his personal enterprises belonged to me and our son. There was bad blood between my husband and his family,” Ms Atieno told the Nation yesterday.
Irungu’s widow Joyce Wachira said she was yet to come to terms with the circumstances, claims and death of the man with who she had three children.
“I am waiting for the police to investigate and give us the official version. I don’t know about his debts. He has never acted suicidal and on the date he disappeared, he appeared normal and in control of his faculties. I am living in a horror audio movie with no visuals,” she said.
Irungu’s body was found floating in the Masinga Hydroelectric Power Station’s dam on the boundary of Embu and Machakos counties.

Reported missing in Nairobi, his body showed up 106km away, with another oddity being that from the point that he is believed to have jumped into the River Tana, the journey to the dam is over 100km.
Mbeere South police boss Gregory Mutiso said the body was retrieved and taken to an Embu mortuary to be subjected to further investigations.
“A postmortem examination will help establish the actual circumstances under which the victim met his death. The body had no physical injuries. We are liaising with our colleagues from Nairobi, Kirinyaga and Murang’a to gain a deeper understanding of his disappearance and death,” he said.
How the more than 100km drowning journey in a river infested with crocodiles, hippos and killer fish, as well as the boulders and debris in the River Tana, ended up delivering him into the Masinga dam without any bodily physical injury has been described as odd.

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This is the same guy who had a tussle with his late brother’s wife over property some time back