Tanker Overturns Near Limuru & Bonobos Wanted To Siphon Petrol. Wish They Burnt Tupunguze Wanjinga

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Police in Limuru, Kiambu County have dispersed locals who rushed to siphon fuel after a tanker overturned in Kamandura early Saturday morning.

Detectives told Citizen Digital that the accident happened at around 1.00 am after the driver of the tanker allegedly lost control of the vehicle before it veered off the road.

Locals rushed to the scene with jerry cans to siphon fuel from the tanker moments after the accident occurred.

The incident took place just a kilometre away from the scene where an LPG tanker, in February 2022, burst into flames as it was being hoisted at Mutarakwa area, leaving seven people injured and an equal number of vehicles reduced to ashes.

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