Tangatanga's Loud Mouths Akina Ichungwa, Kuria Don't Praise Ruto's Running Mate Because They Know He is A THORN & A Major Setback

Hapa Ruto alijikoroga. How can you campaign for 4.5 Years and then just when you are about to finish unamess that much.

Gachagua is rich dude but has zero class. hajui Kuvaa, Public Relation skill zake ni negative 20.

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Enyewe huwezi pewa kila kitu. Gachagua is the type of guy anapiganga simu akiwa na chakula kwa mdomo, very uncouth mofo

Hizi machaget za kachagua anashonewa na fundi wa Musieveni?

nikama wanashare tailor na museveni



When was that?


This guy is a MOLE!! :D:D

Who needs enemies with such mofos drilling so many holes in their own ship?

Zero mannerism

cheza chini banae
weare busy people hatuna time lazima tufanye multitasking

One is eloquent, and a coiourful dresser; the other is otherwise. But their differences are superficial, the spirit is the same.

ChaguaRuto Hadi stet haus