Tanga tanga presser after Sudi denied bail

Hizi shades sudi anavaa zinakaa presidential security. Is Unye really safe?





Rumande food no good.

Akamuliwe makende kabisa ajue kutusi bibi ya Maumau ni No no.

A tried and tested means of getting out remand…
Tried and perfected by Zonko(has TB n AIDS) , Kimlesh Putney, among others…

Kenyatta was not maumau. But the mama suffered imprisonment during that time. She is a freedom fighter.


How does a deputy allow his allies to go and be in solidarity with someone charged with among other things insulting the boss’s mother? What would kagame, museveni, @johnpombe Magufuli, Trump, Kim Jong Un etc do about such a person?

Kenyans are peculiar people
Paraphrasing Michael Jackson

If someone has zero respect for his boss, will he have any respect for the so called hustlers?

Ati bibi ya Mau Mau…kumbe unakuwaga toast hivyo