Lisemalwo lipo na kama halipo laja…the guy ana jipanga, bank accounts ziko sawa up


The gap between the Rich and Poor


how the mighty have fallen! from columnist and chief strategist to rumour monger…kwani hawakuwa na plan B?

What if he wasn’t mighty to begin with?

how could he not have been mighty mtu anaandika manifesto?

Ata ted kaczynski alikua na manifesto


The day talk turns to corruption and ill-gotten wealth it will be like piranhas feeding on a fish. It will be a blood birth. The media is just bidding it’s time


Show us your achievements we compare with his sir

TTM22 … full steam ahead!

If you see the owner of this handle get in your face then challenge him.

Ah, the good old Deflection

Kwani baba hakumpatia “HANDSHAKE” ?