Tanasha Donna :My take

So you all know I am always pro women. I don’t know what this world would be without women. Women are God’s best and biggest gift to humanity after His Son Jesus. So ladies whatever I may say here which may seem harsh on the side of women naomba niuie radhi. Better the wounds of a friend than the kisses of an enemy.

Now, many people who go wrong in life, things start going wrong in their upbringing. It’s rare to find someone who is very well brought up messing up in life. So let us start with Tanasha Donna background. Tanasha Donna’s biological parents broke up so she’s raised by step dad. Now for those of us who grew up with both biological parents, it’s very hard to understand the kind of distress an absent biological mother or father can cause. It is extremely difficult loss particularly when all around you are people who grew up in homes with both biological parents. You can refer to Obama and his struggles to come to terms with his absent dad in his book Dreams of my Father. Now, I am not very sure about the Christian upbringing of Tanasha Donna but I assume that because her step dad is mzungu, they had a liberal upbringing so could be Christians but not very strict.

My concern for her began when I realized she was a Christian but willing to date a moslem. The other big red flag went up when she moved in with her exe before marriage. Those of you from strict Christian homes know that there’s hell to pay if you moved to another country to move in with a non Christian guy who has not asked for your hand from your parents. Unless they are unaware.

Alot of women who have daddy issues want the public adoration of a great man. Those who receive that fatherly adoration are not as thirsty for male validation and approval and affection. The worst thing that can happen to a woman is to be extremely beautiful but lack self esteem or a strong sense of self and a strong identity. The reason why is because these women are usually prime targets for bad boys or narcissistic men. As a trophy to boost their ego.

So here a narcissistic man looking for a trophy to boost his image and he meets a very beautiful probably very naive and sheltered woman who is dying for the love of a father, which she sees in men who show interest in her.

I know that we are modern times but as parents we should never forget how delicate daughters are. In a world like ours, parents need to start very early to put up boundaries and protection for their daughters. I see especially moslem do it very well. Their daughters are seriously protected from male treachery. However that might be difficult if you as a mother you are too busy looking for men or too busy pleasing your new husband to focus seriously on raising your children from previous marriage.

I know that parents wanna shelter their kids as well as look very liberal and modern. How ever it’s best for your kids to get the ugly side of life from your mouth than through humiliating and heartbreaking experiences. Alot of parents do not realize that a huge part of parenting is helping your kids be better prepared for life through sharing the lessons that you have so far learnt.

Unfortunately many parents first of all have shifted their responsibility as teachers to the school systems. This is why in a time like this some parents want schools to reopen ASAP because they shifted their responsibility to teach to teachers at the earliest available opportunity. Some as early as class 1.

Now for girls and even boys there must be serious controls. You can’t allow your daughter to go clubbing bcz you are trying to be modern or mature. If you yourself do not go pubbing, clubbing and drinking. Why do you allow your children to do stuff that you as an older person know isn’t good for you. Is it that you want them to find out how bad it is for themselves?

Some parents go as far as allowing men to move into their home to be with their daughter. They are not married but they move in, into the girl’s parents home. After that the man dumps the girl and she ends up heartbroken, used and humiliated in front of her parents.

So the world doesn’t respect your attempt to be a modern parent. What the world respects are the protections in place in your daughters life. If you have put up none your daughters will be at the mercy of a very cruel world.

The traditional values of no sex outside marriage, no cohabitation, no being alone in private with members of the opposite sex. Having a close relationship with God and finding your identity in Him. Dressing modestly. Avoiding drugs and alcohol that impair your judgment are just but a few values that need serious drumming into all children but especially girls in their formative years.

It may not be very modern but it can sure save your child and yourself lots of heartache and misery later on in life when you have less influence in your child’s life.

Samaki mkunje angalia mbichi. Teach a child the way to go and he or she will never depart from it when he or she is grown.

I believe Tanasha needs counseling to make peace with her past and to find herself because she’s lost in the tides of life. For the sake of her son I pray she will find her way and find God because self esteem can only come from God in whose image we are created. Only a Creator can bestow the right identity, sense of self, dignity and peace to a woman, nobody else can do it. It’s a job for God. For the sake of her son because nothing is worse than to be raised by a broken mother especially if she’s your only parent. I hold her and her adorable son in the light. May God heal her from the loss of her father, her baby daddy, trust, dignity and happiness.

I will attach below a video about the influence parents wield over their children for those in doubt that parents have the most influence over a child’s life.

Curfew iko Karibu Sasa ingia kwa nyumba before you meet the police with watches that are 1 hour ahead and you end up in KMTC upate ukimwi huko I mean Corona. Baraka.


Tanasha Donna has just acquired her doctorate in philosophy…

people really need to take parenting seriously, this guys who say I will parent the way I please are the biggest failures, you cannot raise a child less the society, you cannot, the child is the society as you are, and your neighbour is, therefore there need be a uniformity in parenting, I married muslim as my father did and I intend to bring up my son as my father did and what other fathers that my child socializes with do. My son will not be allowed to take alcohol because I have never tasted, or be in a place where it is sold or taken, so I do not expect my son to be there.

if I get a daughter she will be protected as my sisters were but with the liberty from her own responsibility, marry whoever you want but as I always tell the mother of my child, Our child will be what we are. So we are always on our feet trying to potray the best of our-selves.

Generational Patterns

“Happy fathers day to the woman who has played the role of a mom and dad to me. The one who has raised me to be the strong fierce woman I am today. Without you I wouldn’t exist. Je t’aime maman. I :heart: YOU MOM,” Tanasha captioned her mother’s photo.

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What I love about Kenyans is how they stood by Tanasha Donna in spite of the mistakes she made. The support she got was mind blowing. I think alot of people wanted her to be happy, like Kenyans were invested in that relationship to the point that when it failed like all the rest, it was heartbreak to Kenyans. To be honest I always felt that Diamond was beneath her and that she could have done better, she’s a lovely person, her mom found someone after her dad left, so she will too. She just needs to let go of Diamond. Like block everything about him. But I get her disappointment from a baby daddy is tough, you always have the baby there to remind you how cruel the world can be. Shit happens and time wounds all heels. Life must go on.Lakini kweli wanaume ni wabaya. I don’t think I have ever in my life hurumiad a celeb vile nilihurumia Tanasha Donna.


All what Tanasha Donna needs is to join Akothee Single Mothers club atasahau diamond in a month, aolewe na wazungu, apate 6 kids, ashinde akienda tour majuu. Radicalization cures heartbreak very fast and the best revenge is living well.



Tanasa ni Nani?

Ni dadake wa dakake wa mtoto wa nyanya ya shangazi yako

Malong marry Tanasha please.

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