Tanasha and Diamond in Masaki Elements





Some curious fans zoomed the photos and identified her doing household duties. She appears at the back mopping the floor as Diamond and son take photos. “Mtoto wawatu kafika leo nakuanza kudeki ndani”, a fan wondered why Tanasha was too fast to assume the duties of a wife.

Another fan also noted the welcoming message on Diamond’s outfit. Both the t-shirt and short he wore, were all written, stay home, please. Was Diamond pleading with his wife Tanasha Donna and son Naseeb Junior, not to leave but stay with him?
All said, let’s wait and see if she will or expectedly his third wife Hamisa Mobetto will also visit him too. Remember she has Diamond’s daughter too.

only teenagers keep up with This BS

pilipili tunakula sisi wewe inakuashia kwa mdomo yako sababu gani ?


I’m a teenager at heart.

Well she killed many birds with one stone. She did a gig which I am sure she will be paid for. She brought her son to see his dad. She upped her popularity and clout. She arranged to do a collabo with Nandy, if you noticed when she was asked what brings her to Tanzania, she talks about her music first. Tanasha is not as dumb as people think she is. I know that of all Diamond baby mama’s she will benefit from him the most and then finally she will settle with a wealthy mzungu after she starts rolling in dough and no longer need that fish lips for clout. I love her. She is a woman after my own heart. She has a good head on her shoulders and she will do well for herself.

but this guy mondi isnt doing good at all, kupeana mimba different ladies alafu you quit them and come at the end of the day, uko na watoi from plenty of different mothers. come time for distributing his wealth, families will be fighting each other.
He’s just another player playing with peoples feelings and ladies see him as the only male man / artist etc and immediately, fall for him today, tomorrow amekusahau and mimba imeingia.

:D:D ati fish lips. Why though

Diamond nimtu wakuingia karura apewe title hapa kwa kijiji


The way Diamond takes care of the women he is related to can tell you what kind of man Diamond is. He’s nothing like team Ktalk. He understands that if you want blessings bring women on board.

Your kasmall oblongata medulla can’t understand Diamond. All his baby mama’s have been uplifted by their association with him. His 2 kids live in his house in South Africa. He was investing his money into other ventures first , now he’s financially supporting all his kids and he’s assigned all his income generation avenues to each child after he dies. He does not want any of his children to suffer like he did growing up. They are all in his will. Which seat will he take here among fools and losers. Idiots who do not even own the house they live in kazi ni mgtow Sijui red peel. Other men are building empires for their children you you are busy throwing away yours? What kind of a man is that? If your ancestors woke up today they would smack you upside that empty cocoon you call a head. What kind of a man the only thing he can be proud of in life is how he was throwing away his posterity? You are very stupid. Even Solomon had a son in Ethiopia and he left him an inheritance. The Bible says a mighty, a respected man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children meanwhile a wasted sperms role model in life is a gey sex worker recruiting people for gey community? You are lost.

The thing that I like about Diamond is that he has learnt from his biological dad. Aliingia karura now in his old age he is being put to shame by the stupidity of his youth. No wise man throws away his own seed. Diamond is a wise man.

Psalms 127:3-5

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.

Diamond has very many fans. Way older than me. His shows sell out.