Taming Tabitha Karanja

Most wealthy people on the planet have tax compliance issues. Even Donald Trump had to make a deal with the IRS to settle tax before he got hammered.

Shida ya peasants ni wanadhani kuwa birrionare ni rahisi. Ni kama wakona machungu mtu akona pesa kuwaliko so anafaa kuenda chini.

Ngoja ufike huko juu uone venye game inachezwa ndio utajua. It’s survival for the fittest!

Jana kwa citizens, she admitted some of her brands not being tax compliance,alipe taxes


this was declared “illicko” by the courts

You seem to know more than what is in public domain. I am responding to what is in public domain sir

no she didn;t you fake news man! i heard her and she said there is only one which is with the tribunal ya tax since 2015 and kra hasnt delivered a ruling. wacha misinformation madam.

This Alai clown needs to accept that he is a ‘has been’ and swiftly move on. Period. Like mutoko and Jeff time waits for no man especially one allergic to change.

Typical, ‘‘crimes by others is my defence’’. We know it is not easy to be a billionaire in Kenya, yes. You need to steal massively, a difficult job

Stories are told that when Kibaki clarion of ‘watu wslipe ushuru’ Biwot presented himself to KRA.

Birionea alipe tu tax awache kusumbua . kama alilipa aweke receipt .

The same courts will grant them bail/ bond, release them only the flying squad guys to rearrest them at the gate, then charge them wih new offences, they get released on some other bond/ bail… and the circus continues… after DCI? ODPP requesting court to allow them to hold the couple for 21 days to finalize investigations . No taxes will be paid… ama ni aje?

tulipe ushuru tujitegemee

@Randy is she guilty or not? Your stand as usual in such matters is very critical to the final outcome. :smiley:

Ngwîciria haha nîwahenania bratha.

Translation: I’m willing to bet this is a load of bovine excrete.

Yaani thumu?

Sijaskia huyo Tabitha Karanja amekuwa involved kwa corruption scandal ati ameiba pesa kama watu wengine.

In Kenya corruption is not a crime lakini jaribu kuhepa taxes uone.

Her company is being targeted because she’s become very rich and money is power. Power must never be allowed to leave Ichaweri. Illuminati tactics!
For Tabitha to survive the traps cartels have laid on her business over the years, I believe she’s been extremely meticulous in all her record keeping and compliant with the law.

The company which collects taxes on all alcoholic beverages and soft drinks in Kenya is called SICPA. It’s a Swiss-based company, which KRA awarded a contract to collect taxes on their behalf. Those guys are at every distiller in the country 24/7 with their powerful computers applying excise-tax compliant QR code stickers on each beverage produced. That data is fed live on SICPA/KRA servers so at any given time they know how many beverages have been produced. When consumption is low, distillers reduce production to avoid too much tax liability. Can the DCI table their evidence otherwise this harassment of local manufacturers must stop.

i also see this as a witch hunt … but if she has a case to answer , let her carry her own cross !

Exactly , people think running such a big alcohol plant is a joke, and esp when not in good terms with the men in power and going against their other cash cow - EABL , its like the banking industry, you get late in submitting your tax obligations you get called from KRA.