Talking to Pedophiles on the deep web

Truman I am traumatised by the serial rapist that raped an 11 year old boy and his 17 year old sista at their home. The mum had okotad the sick brute in a night club. Will those kids ever forgive their mum???..I highly doubt that. Why was she even out clubbing and she has a minor at home?she needs to answer this question. She should have brought in a child minder who would have shouted for help when the atrocity happened.

I am hosting my 2 nephews this xmas and I have said no leaving the house unless I am tagging along which sounds v silly to them since they never watch the news. Consequently their friends are coming over to visit but I would rather deal with that.
I repeat again the parole board dons should resign for allowing dangerous people out of jail to rape and kill us.

Habari Mama

Niko poa baba …habari ya Kissi…ujue next year I am coming to Kenya and you best be available to show me around your yard.
I was telling my friends the other day that I only know Kiambu, Mombasa and Nairobi…

What’s this beef about? Yaani mwaka haiishi na amani?

Umbwa mwitu hii

Really? :smiley:

:D:D:D:DYezza. And I am coming mid year when tickets are cheaper. I am coming coz I got no choice:D, it is my rurashio, else singekuja mimi.
I will meet a few talkers so they will confirm nilikuwa huko.

Mimi sitacomment juu sichezeangi watu wafupi. They have silent anger yenye hutokea kama explosive diarrhea when you least expect it

Listen…you were on my block list before and in you go again. Make your comments huko. No-one will stop you. Win win for all of us. You have the freedom to write what you want and I will not be reading it.

Umbwa homosexual wewe

Blocked it. Got no time to read crap.

Wewe kuma mbichi mbona bado naona ujinga zako and you were supposed to have blocked me?? Siruali imekuniwa wewe.


Wewe get circumcised kwanza before talking to the fine gal @Finest wine

The beauty of the block button is that I cannot see who are addressing but it must be those ihees I have blocked…sooooo good.

This world is full of sick people. Kids are not safe. Women are not safe. Did you see the part where they are talking about abducting a kid and a woman. Hii dunia iko na mambo. Then step dads who want to trade their step kids? Wah! Single mums are really targeted. Jungus are so perverse.

Kiss that ass so hard you’ll have your entire head in that bitch’s asshole but you’ll still get zilch from her if indeed she’s a her

Danganya mamako, I know you are tempted everytime to see which ignored ninja commented on your hit trash.