Talkers Who Hacked Jacque Maribe's Account Exposed.....

Media personality Jacque Maribe has exposed four suspects who have hacked her Facebook account and turned it into an adult sharing platform.
In a statement posted on her Instagram page on Tuesday, July 27, Maribe named Desa Jurangmangu, Ronald Novais, Noman Nixamani and Aboas Niz, as culprits who had taken over her page. Since Monday, July 26 at 7pm, the suspects had been sharing links to explicit adult content which raised an alarm among her followers.

Jacque Maribe

“Kindly disregard any posts coming from The Official Jacque Maribe Facebook page.
The page was hacked, the matter was reported and is currently being handled,” reads her statement in part.

Further, the journalist warned the public to beware of the suspects and avoid falling into the same trap.

A number of personalities have at one time or another faced challenges of their accounts being hacked including; David Mathenge (Nameless), Dennis Okari, media personality Caroline Mutoko among others.

Technology experts warn that anyone who owns a Facebook account is exposed to the risk of data breaches and identity theft. Some of the common ways in which Facebook accounts get hacked include; phishing, malicious use of stored passwords and keylogging. In phishing, the hackers create a Facebook login page that looks exactly like an original one. They then send fake emails to the user and ask him or her to log in. Once the user logs in, all data including usernames and passwords are sent to the hacker’s email.

Storage of passwords in a browser is also another way hackers get access to one’s information. The best storage method is to write them down if you are not able to memorize them. Keylogging is where victims mistakenly download a type of malware that records everything a user types including texts, messages and emails. Hackers use this information to log into Facebook, bank accounts and others.

ukihack account ya peasant kama @SledgeHammer itakusaidiaje ?

She’s suspect to a murder case, what will make me think she isn’t behind her own hack?
Thinking loudly here.

Hurumia mhenga jamani

I am always mesmerized by how the word lacking is throw about aimlessly in Kenya.

What does stand to gain by hacking herself?

Kuna watu hufikiria ka ding’oing’o kwa hii kijiji:D

ni daystar journalist ndio ameandika hio