Talkers lack manners

I asked a certain criminal here to help me transition from farming to pressing computer buttons to make dollars as per directions of mbwa JSKS , what I got is this …

The innocent question…
The hostile reply from resident mauki

Is this how to help a talker ? Yet have kept his secret that the mauki has a pistol aina ya smith&wekesa


The issue with you peasants is that you depend on intellectuals like the great @Tauren to reason on your behalf.

Why not venture into selling mango juice? Or mango flavored yoghurt?

Byze way how are you doing after the incident? Do you wake up in the middle of the night dreaming @uwesmake akikuchangaMKIA pale highschool?
Deal with your demons first before unisumbue shenzi

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Dude, it was a truth or dare gone sexual.

My rectum has since healed. It’s pink, and healthy.

Urongooooo you filthy uncontrollable self shitting faggot conman

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