Talkers kwenye Danguro

Sometimes what most men do nikufika kwa brothel unashika bia zako mbili ukiosha macho pole pole. Alafu unarudi kwa bibi yako jioni[ATTACH=full]439602[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]439602[/ATTACH]


You’ll understand ukifika umri. Be patient boy.

Na wenye hawana mabibi kama sisi?

Kwani mutheu alitoroka:D

Vanity. Why do men find it interesting to watch a naked woman’s body, even for hours (strip club for instance) and yet the crave will be there few hours or days later?

Unakosa bibi aje Kenya I…labda kutaka:D:D:D

wewe kama homosexual unarudi nyumbani @Agwambo anakutomba

You do eat yet u will be hungry hours later. Just like eating moderation is the key.

Spoken like a true faggot

At any given time in a strip club, there are two kinds of people. Those like me who are there because they’re in the mood for being in a debauchery-infested environment for the fun of it, and those who are there to satisfy some sexual desire through any number of ways like kuosha macho, lap dance, kuchotana. The latter group usually comprises sex-starved ninjas who get excited merely by seeing a naked woman. Hawa ndio hulipia lap dance. Catch me dead paying 500 bob for a malaya to rub her dirty behind against my groin.

It’s called genetic makeup. As long as you’re pre-menopause desires are typical for any normal being.

It’s the addiction


Tombeni mbuzi vile mmezoeya

Huyu keyvesee inaitwa @chap huwa anaishi kathonzweni na nyanyake ,kazi ni kuchemsha maembe wanywe soup na bofulo akisikiza hadithi za abunuwasi .

Una sugua mboro halafu una lala.

Kasee hii ni direkt transleshen aki yau

Hii ni ujinga ya kujiwekea. How many of those dudes you see walking to indaa for casual jobs think about going to strip joints on the weekend?

I don’t mean that they are all faithful to their wives but the stripping clientele of Subaru boys and the like have issues of their own. Pesa kidogo inawasumbua sana. Those men are just but a tiny fraction of men out there.
Poverty makes men grounded to some extent.

Makes drinking alcohol more fun.