Talker's I need some help

Guys is there a way I can recover my 2016 deleted Instagram photos ?kuna my kunguru ex inataka kunimaliza… so the only way to shut her up is by recovering those photos…

In short, Unataka kusafisha mecho

Back up your photos through google pictures…you’ll never loose them unless you delete them. Otherwise goodluck

Instagram Ni ya madem . Alpha males tuko Kwa website za New York stock exchange

It seems this ex is still very relevant to you.Wachana na za kale.Find yourself a nice woman and don’t live in the past.

Why would you want to restore the pics

No hekaya inakuja…

Back then I was careless, now I’m facing the consequences…

Na Sabina joy?

No she’s have some incriminating information inaeza niletea shida ,back in 2016 I had like 4 pictures I posted on my IG but later deleted them after some few hours.
Zinaweza nisaidia Sana nikazi recover .I want to fight fire with fire until that bitch regret the day she was born.

Help first then hekaya later…

The shit you wouldn’t face if you blocked your ex in all platforms and never talked to her again.

If you didn’t know already, blackmail is illegal. Moreover life is too short to be fighting like this, just talk to each other and make amends.

You’ve lost round one. Enda ukaombe msamaha kijana.

Safisha sisi macho kwanza na picha zake,secondly leta hekaya thirdly tutakusaidia