Talkers as seen during the festivities

@Mzee mzima


@Fala 12
@Kihii Kiaganu
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@Ole masai

@Kihii Kiaganu aende hospitali.

:D:D:D hayo makali!
fombe ikikolea huleta balaa

:D:D as much as I like my whisky straight and neat, I know my limits I once made a foot of myself when high na sitakubali tena …when I want to get shit faced I drink in the house


@Okiya :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Huyo maasai yuko on point



Haujatwambia poa lakini :smiley:

Kuungada Jamhuri day Nayo?


Now this is funny! :smiley:

:D:D:Dkama umelala kwa choo christmass sasa 31st utalala wapi? thats as low as dignity goes oh wait! unaeza lala juu ya maraya …

Easy bro by the time you were calling I had already Ko’d and woke up early the following day headed to vihiga I had a small window to travel from nai—>eldy---->vihiga---->molo and back to nai

:D:D:D:D:D Yohanna Mtembezi.

He he he!

Ukichunguza vizuri hii ni pombe ya kupewa. I once heard someone tell his friend “today I want to buy you alcohol till you can’t see the person next to you”. True to his word, the friend collapsed.



@Ole masai amejua viceroy sio ile pombe yao ya kienyeji