Talkers almost loosing it

There are some talkers who are almost becoming fully mentaly incapacitated .
A talker who writes stupid thread after another ,let say a guy making 10 stupid threads in less than 24 hours Kama ghaseer ingine hapa is that normal?
Another stupid talker licks women anuses and he has huge fan base like Tyga wood who is madder ? Him or his fans?
Even a worrying trend is a talker having a monologue in his/ its own thread using his different handles .
We also have homosexuals who love the vice so much that they assume we are all homosexuals.
Let’s shun down un African behaviours displayed by some ghaseers here

Let people be ghaseer, you’re here criticising people you will never meet instead of trying to think of how you can buy your kids a better study table n chairs not forgetting pencils.
Wee ni mtu Bladyfeking in my eyes.

Get pregnant biach and then come we discuss pencils

@tall mnyama everywhere aka pharmacy are crazy rat bastard pieces of shit, mnyama is a deranged stalker kazi yake ni kunifuata fuata, making bitch ass comments

Lots of deviants and miscreants on ktalk.

Mama @Agwambo… ama wacha tu:D:D

miscreants ni crips ama nini omwami ?

You lost relevance son , ntakufuatafuata unipee Nini kwani wewe ni Cleopatra or freyja? Huwa sifuati wanaume ,huwa nawatusi ukinikuja mbaya .
Bythe way how is hiv doing in your system? Do you take arvs?
Am sure you can’t even remember the whore who infected you since you are a rat

Got no bile with you, just some manly advice punguza umama na ushugulikie Maisha yako.

:D:D:Dfinish that Meno brown mungiki homosexual

What about Talkers who like their own comments using another handle?


Mkamba mjinga illiterate sijakuelewa unasema nini? In the meantime pitia hii kitabu[ATTACH=full]408280[/ATTACH]

But unaelewa na mikia?

Sermon all Ender in the shrine. Our culture is being eroded by the white man. The Ngowo/Mugumo is yet to fall

Punguza umama

Dio wanenjaa hapa wats ur point nigga?which other handle do I av ?

Punguza ushoga

Sijataja mtu mimi

Incase you feel like opening up bring it we discuss kwa umati who needs two handles for likes