Talker named "Abba" investigation by KeRRA

There’s an employee of Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) whose wealth is estimated to be KES 952 million.

He’s had his weath frozen by the High Court.


Hawa ndio watu wanafanya hata boda boda hawataki kutubeba. Wameharibu economy ya mashinani na pesa ya wizi. Plot ya 200k wananunua na 400k.

i dont know why the assumption is always that people are stealing if they own more than what the salary can accord them. That they cannpot have any other income? … yes?

Why would someone remain in employment with all that wealth only to get caught with their hand in the cookie jar?

Kata yeye Makende na apikiwe alishishwe.

Mbwa yeye

Wewe civil servant mwizi. Danganya toto jinga. Earning less than $50k usd a year then having a 10m usd netwoth?

Kindly take note, I am a businessman, lecturer and honored member of this society recently recognized with a Moran of Burning Spear

Any notion you have of me besides what i have mentioned is really your dad’s bollocks

I do not condone corruption but do they have any proof of corruption by this dude? ( am assuming its muteti). Evidence would really help prosecute this case otherwise they let the man carry on with his businesses

Money is never enough.

They would not be wasting time prosecuting if he was able to explain his wealth

have you just landed at JKIA… first time here?


ka hushiki ka kunie


I presume that those are legitimate, known businesses for which you pay taxes (hopefully). If you having been paying taxes for said businesses and ventures, then there is a track record. But money popping into your bank accounts seemingly out of nowhere like mushrooms is a different story all together.

Trying to satisfy greed is like drinking salty water, the more you drink the more you thirst

I don’t need you to be philosophical in this …I want an organic thinking approach

952 million?

562m cash kwa account?

Hio A- yako ya 1994 ni kama ulipata ya kudinywa mkundu if this is your reasoning.

Lakini huyo ni looter. How can you have a networth of 10m USD yet you have no businesses to account for the wealth? Not to mention 500m in cash. Inonekana pia hako well connected. In the next few years I expect atapewa a few billions in fines.