Taliban to other Rag Tag Mujahideen.....It's doable

The fall of Afghanistan and the shameful retreat of the Americans is a Clarion call to all other Mujahideen embedded in fox holes and deserts that ITS DOABLE.

The Boko Haram, Alshabab, Isis , Hamas, etc, have witnessed that if you stick to your guns long enough, if you dig down and refuse to give up, even when faced by the concerted effort and onslaught from the best and most equiped Armies of the world…well…you can do it.
This message will be drilled long and hard into the minds of all the factions fighting their host government…and it will get chaotic real soon. Expect all manner of madness as these combatants exact their faith by killing and maiming and detonations. The Amaricans, in their withdrawal, have just opened the Pandora box…expect shit to hit the fan sooner than later.

Its upto the world. How long do americans continue baby sitting? Time to only sell weapons, and let nature takes its course.

niaje @aviator

Very true.
The Taliban now feel invincible. In fact Aljazeera was reporting that are they not believing what just happened…They are more shocked than the commoners that the government collapsed that swiftly.
Now that they have renamed Afghanistan a caliphate, they will not stop there…
And btw alshabaab and boko haram are keenly watching this shit.

Afganis are unique, this is the 4th time since the 18th century they are dispatching a great world power, Afganistan has been called the place empires go to die, Romans, British, Russians and now USA.

Other islamic terror groups can be routed

The pandora box was opened the moment they started war on terror.

The pandora box was opened the moment they started war on terror.

The questiom that should be asked is what is so uniqie about Afghanistan that attracts all these powers?

Add Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan before them

Btw, ebu you guys watch a movie called Hyena Road… It’s about Afghanistan…it’s epic.

Yes kidole sambusa

I think we’re overlooking the role that the people played in this.
The puppet government was corrupt and imposed upon the Afghanis, becoming unpopular and as much as Taliban isn’t an angel, it is the devil that they know.

@Bingwa Scrotum Na @mayekeke warudi huko Afghanistan we don’t want their kind here