Tales from the Plantation

What is it with jilted women pouring hot water on you while you’re sleeping? Seems to be a universal trait mpaka pare Bidenstan. Well at least she didn’t chop off mzee abdalla.

When she’s the one paying the bills

aii how can a man live with such a woman. Fukuza ama ondoka kabisa…

Before a woman gets to this point there are always red flags which the man ignores or is just too stupid to notice. Nobody wakes up abusive. They build up to it over time.

True, last night I watched a date of my colleague throw a flute of wine at a waitress because she served white wine while warm.

The guy says she’s passionate, I advised him to bolt… hard. I doubt the moron will listen

Hahaha ati passionate. Ngoja adungwe na kisu passionately.

Ukitaka kujua someone is an apex asshole, just look at how they treat people in the service industry like waiters, taxi drivers etc.

That’s true, mimi hushangaa mtu akisomea waiter juu something they wanted isn’t there?

Unashindwa hii ghassia haiwezi enda nyumbani ikasomee meko yake?

Shauri yake, this work dinners you can barely get away from make you understand why some of your colleagues are always in a sour mood.
Then you meet a portion of the circles they travel in and everything makes sense.


Woman like this will kill you.

Hio maji sio moto vilivyo,hadi amekula pose akingoja mushipi,huyo mwanaume angepiga nduru ka katoto ka class three if it was

Hii ni nini? Asking for those who went to Kajinga primary school

Kale kaglass huwa kanakaa part ya juu ya risasi


i thought white wine got to be chilled… may be am not getting the point

Yeah, most likely you aren’t.