Talent Inalipa....

With Victor Wanyama making KSh 266 million annually while his brother Macdonald Mariga made KSh 145 million a year at some point,
it comes as no shock that they have cars worth over KSh 70 million.

Some of the high-end vehicles owned by the football stars include a Dodge Challenger, Hummer, Escalade, and Range Rovers.

The family loves American vehicles and have owned numerous Cadillac Escalades. In 2015, Mariga shared a photo with his daughter riding around in a black Escalade while abroad. However, the most famous Escalade owned by the brothers is a white one they imported years back. Both Wanyama, Mariga and their younger brother Harry have been spotted riding around in the US made SUV worth over KSh 9 million.

One of the most well-known vehicles owned by the family. Mariga made headlines early in his footballing career after buying the red Hummer and gracing events in it. The red Hummer famously spotted giant chrome rims, making it even more eye-catching. During campaigns in Kibera in 2019, Mariga turned heads after showing up with H2 Hummer, repainted green. The vehicle costs upwards of KSh 9 million.

Are we back to 2008?

Hummer? Escalade?

It’s mainly to impress kenyaitos who don’t drive in their lifetime…hapa nobody cares about what you drive because it’s a necessity.

Escalade bado ziko, Hummer ndio production ilisimama.

I find the Dodge Challenger to be very attractive
Here’s a glimpse

The issue is in Bonoboland one out of one thousand make it, so ukisema unategema talent to make it utalilia kwa choo baadaye

Usishangae in ten years wakianza kulia pesa imeisha tuwachangie. Why buy 70 million luxury vehicles when you are not a billionaire

Unaeza pata they have zero investment here in .ke and yes, with footballing years being limited to 30s kuna time hizi luxuries zitakuwa liabilities ziozee kwa parking lot.

Footballers make a lot of money & if they don’t get good financial education wanarudi back to oblivion and broke af.

Mariga ndio ali waste doo. Walikam kuinuliwa na victor.

I hope he is smarter then

Hekaya? Last I heard Mariga lives in Lavington. Also factor in, hawa jamaa hukuliwa sana na agents. So yeah wanna sema he was making 145m per year , but utapata after tax, legal na agent fees, jamaa was bringing home 25m a year.