Tala no longer giving out loans

Disappointed with Tala. The moment you really need it is the moment they abandon you.

They’re supporting you by denying you a loan? These guys are crazy.


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Tala is owned by wazungus. Huko kwao kamenuka na hawana cashflow.

Lender akikuita Top Customer jua wewe umepotea. Take time and reflect on your life.

Naona kwa paper they’ve donated 690 milli,si wenge write off our non performing loans

All to your benefit… Many other apps are just recovering and not lending… Consider tgis some form of debt rehab… By the end of this period you probably won’t see the needfor those extortionate apps.

Fuck Tala and fuck the tinga tinga prrrip mhindi behind it. Fuck also the sour-milk smelling jungu VCs putting money into it. She talks about empowerment and helping but charges 700-1000% PA rates. I wish our people would come to heal and ban these blood sucking cunts from the country. Shitbags, the lot of them. Fuck them, they can fuck off and die upside down in a ditch. SHITCUNTS all of them.

They are there to make money not lose, which would lend money at this time of crisis. So many people has lost jobs and many bizness have closed, meaning they can’t tell who is capable of paying back or not. After corona they will have to start all over again evaluating and ranking their customers. In other words your previous credit rating has been swept away by corona

Isn’t it a free market? why the expletives and you are not being forced to use them?

Tumia OKASH they’re still giving

Try educating yourself massah.

It’s not clear what you are trying to say, but as I said it’s a free market. Basic financial responsibility

how did they fuck you up