Tala (formerly Mkopo Rahisi) is the best, but are there any others?

I have friends who have tried some of the fake mobile loan apps or some with too many requirements. Mkopo Rahisi was so easy and straight forward.

Are there any other apps that just give you a loan to your MPESA without asking to read your entire Facebook history (like branch.co) or with impossible terms of service (like Saida)?

Please recommend any good mobile loan apps for Kenya.

Hiyo tala ni upussy, maswali mingi ka ya polisi then unaambiwa u dont qualify for a loan, heri branch

I’ve heard more guys complain about Branch. Na Branch inscan kila inbox, na facebook profile before it tells your you don’t qualify. Honestly I’ve never heard of someone being blocked with Rala/Mkopo Rahisi yet, everyone anapatiwa 2000.00 without stress. Branch najuwa wate wenji wanaapply and are declined. Even people who have like 2 million transacted in the last 12 months, wanalipa kilakitu ata rent kwa mpesa.

[ATTACH=full]49480[/ATTACH] I guess am lucky then[ATTACH=full]49476[/ATTACH]

Modern day slavery ndio hii sasa. Borrowing from kamau to pay grace

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branch mambo yote mkopo rahisi wako naufala sana ati loan niya nini…main source of income…unapata ngapi utalipa lini wakwende

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Kwani nyinyi huwa munajibu aje hizo maswali? Mimi nilizijibu day 1 na nikapewa 3k.

What do you do with 3k?
Peasants everywhere.

Unanunua pombe kwani?