Taking my employer to court - how to find a labor officer

I have been dismissed from work without due process. Basically the employer didn’t follow the correct process during termination. I want to take the matter to a labor court and fight the dismissal. I have been informed that the first step is to seek out the labor officer in my area and report the case. Shida ni I don’t know where to find this labor officer. Has anyone here had to take action against an employer before? Any advice on how to navigate the process? I would appreciate any leads on how to find the relevant labor officer for my area (Gigiri), as well as tips on how to fight this. Sande sana!

Pigia “mushienzi”

kampuni ni yake. pesa ni yake. kama hauna kaCHAI ya huyo labour officer kitu kama 10k chorea io stori kabisaa

@Nananimpa @Mr Esquire iko kazi hapa

Piga hesabu ya benefits vs costs. Bribes, time wasted, intimidation e.t.c kama ziko worth ile pesa and potential benefits utapata, basi fuata hii route.

Enda kwa ministry of labor offices, google penye ziko. They will direct you.

It will not help much. The labor officer will summon your (former)employer so that he hears both sides. Most likely, your employer will send his lawyer or Hr manager and they will complicate the entire process with legal stuffs. Unless your former employer is a softie, the process will take long and it is very unlikely that you will get compensated or reinstated.

Well, I have been summarily dismissed with no pay in lieu of notice and half the salary I ought to have received. So kuna vile I am ready to pursue the matter as far as it goes. Its totally worth it since letting it go will be accepting an injustice, which I find difficult to swallow.

Is the legal battle worth it?

Was there any wrongful doing on your part?

I am sori for your tribulations.

However, you are lazy, stupid batshit. Please let me explain.

If you - a grown African adult male - cannot find your local labour office on your own by making calls say to the Ministry of Labour or even using Gugu, you are the kind of niggas that keep dragging Africa back. Kids a quarter your age in Japan are designing robots and you can’t get a phone/physical contact in your locality? You want somebody here to get it for you? What kind of laziness is that?

I honestly think you deserved that sack. Thie ukiumaga.

(And this goes for evryone who posts this kind of shit)

State Department for Labour,
Bishops Road, Social Security House(NSSF Building.)
P.O. Box 40326 – 00100, Nairobi
Telephone: +254 (0) 2729800
Fax: +254 020 2726497

Try 6 th Floor,Rm 601.

Utapatiwa wayforward.

All the best

At your age … you should realise that scorn is not helping. He asked for help. He is a human and is entitled to little errors, not knowing everything that concerns him for example…

labda hana credit na akona bundles… perhaps hata bundles hana ako wifi…

Understand someone first before judging. Or better yet ignore the threads that dont suite your ass and find those that do…

jinga sana, someone just got fired and you throw shade… ama you are so comfortable in your well being?? Anyway. scorn isnt good

Ulizia kwa ministry of labour. They will give you directions. Make sure you have all documents pertaining to your employment including the dismissal letter. Let no one discourage you from pursuing the matter. If you are not on the wrong, chances are you will succeed no matter how long it takes.



Come slowly old man. The amount of presumption in your post is excessive so please calm your titties. I AM trying to find the labor office, that’s why I am posting it here as a question. When was the last time you made a phone call to a Kenyan ministry and it was actually answered and you got served? What takes more time between me boarding a matatu to town, going to a government office, lining up and waiting to see someone so I can ask a question; and posting the same question on a public forum and coming back later to find the relevant answer? You don’t have to reply to every post simply because you have data bundles on your phone and nothing better to do with your time. It doesn’t make you seem more intelligent when you insult and belittle others on a public forum. Its just an illustration of how immature you old brain is.

Ferk off. I really can’t stand bullshit. And you sound kinda of stupid too - so he’s got bandos to post here and none to Gugu the Labour Ministry’s contact? How bright are you?

I have nothing personal about the guy who posted, truth be said, but this is something I have noticed with many young people in Kenya, and somebody has to call it out - your sense of entitlement is beyond measure. You want everything done for you because, allegedly, you are the future. Even simple things like looking up contacts in a directory or finding out the list Kenyatta’s first cabinet for a school assignment is an issue, in this day of the WWW.

Yesterday Ndii said something profound which I agreed with; Kenyans have the illusion that they live in a rich country plagued by corruption when in fact they live in a very very poor country, where EVERYBODY should be on his A-game and not expecting freebies.

The way you young people just want to seat there and expect everything handed to you is downright silly.

Just to illustrate, how many times have you seen silly posts here asking ROUTINE questions about Equity, Kenya Power, Nairobi Water etc etc? (Interest rates, paybill numbers, ad nauseum) ALL YOU HAVE TO FERKING DO IS CALL THEIR CUSTOMER CARE NUMBERS! Most even have toll-free numbers. How difficult is that?

A long shot, you can try tweeting them @[B]LabourSPKE[/B] , I came to realize even private service providers such as Zuku and Safcom are very responsive on twitter; some government departments as well such as the police and ODPP. Tweet them the question and see whats up. I see they last tweeted ten minutes ago

I am not insulting anybody - I am simply telling it as it is. And you have confirmed to me you deserved that sack -you have zero initiative and innovation. Yaani mtu kama @Blunt Object has to do for you simple shit like that? You think he had all those contacts in his head? NO, HE GUGUD which you could as well have!

Eti when was the last time a gavament phone line worked? HAD YOU TRIED THE MINISTRY OF LABOUR LINE given by the poster above? I CAN CONFIRM IT IS WORKING FINE.

I would appreciate you kind of questions more if you said, I have done this and this but can’t make any headway, please help. This nonsense of lazy bums like you wanting everything handed to you on a platter is what I am against.

I suspect it comes with the kababa generation, which is our version of the Chinese Little Emperors generation - hata kuchukua kijiko kuweka mdomoni is a struggle.

Bure kabisa.

Any way, I have made my point. Let me drink my porridge sloooooooooooooowly…