Take this to the bank

No one …including Uhuru…will remove Ruto from hearts of Kikuyu’s , the peace we enjoyed in 2013/and in 2017 was brought by this dude, not by Uhuru…

This sounds like something Chief Nanga would say.

@Deorro Have thought about integrating Google’s bad joke detector library on the New Post page?

Dont break peoples’ hearts this early.

why you afraid??

Kindly elaborate on the peace part.

A man of the People.

And who caused the violence suffered in the Rift in 07/08.
If the peace is attributable to an individual then logically so does the violence.

…and raila hate that !

Nilikuonya asubuhi.

logically that is not accurate or rather not complete, the only way peace = individual can be equal to violence = individual, is when peace = violence or individual is not equal to individual.

Kwisha mimi !

brayo’s tits rocked my world

For context, this was published in 2007, long before the ICC ever waded in. As it would later turn out nothing of such magnitude happens among the Kalenjin without the sanction of elders. Among those elders was one Jackson Kibor who confessed his role in Kiambaa but who dodged Ocampo. The rest is history, take it for what it’s worth.

It will only take a different person to seize control of the militia under Ruto’s command for you to realize it is not peace that you are enjoying but suffering fear of what might happen in the event of the unexpected.

And this will be the main campaign propaganda against the DP. The Kikuyus will be reminded…

It very well might be so, however Kenya is a place where short and selective memories often prevail.