Take the red pill. Ata Elon amekubali.


Red pill, Blue pill - same difference

If you have watched The Matrix you would understand what he means.
Thats where ‘taking the red or blue pill’ originated from.


Still bullsheet,if you are a baboon then it may apply ,otherwise,free will.a A man does what a man feels like doing and not left feeling like it was a premeditated action and once you’re in you start thinking of “what if”.

I get what you mean. Man already knows what choice he prefers.
However the red pill here is the difficult/ risky choice, that pushes you out of your comfort zone…

Redpill removes the utopia glasses and let’s you choose to do whatever you want to do based on raw reality. It does not give you suggestions or coercion. The bluepill trys to guide you towards a certain agenda or belief.

Our current world, advertising, “take this cologne, ladies will like you”, Bluepill, “You should treat a girl like such and such” hio nonsense yote, Bluepill, “You should man up!” Bluepill. Basically anything in our current society social conditioning tries to subscribe you to the bluepill. Now since the world has been taken over by bluepill decision makers and the feminazi agenda, mkae strong.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Honest assessment that

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Not necessarily, once you swallow the blue pill one wakes up later on and believes whatever they chose… inclusive of red pill perception

Ignorance is bliss, I chose the blue pill

Pesa ni tamu Elon Musk marries and divorces women at will…

if everybody takes the red pill, won’t it be the new blue pill and vice versa?
just do what you feel like doing or following.
there is nothing lie spontaneity and uniqueness in this world.

And he will be heading to Mars soon in his historic billion-dollar space vehicles. Lakini wacha kwanza corona iishe.

He’s starting to realise that he doesn’t need to marry them hoes to get some pussy